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Light blue paint being rolled on to a wooden surface with a paint roller and paint can.

Transform your space with color (or the omission of it)!  Whether it's a pop of color, an accent wall, or a complete color makeover, these recommended readings can provide tips, tricks, and advice for your interior and exterior painting projects.


Recommended Reading

Outdoor Paint Techniques & Faux Finishes, book cover

Outdoor Paint Techniques & Faux Finishes Marina Niven

Gives information about painting on various outdoor surfaces, such as wood, cement, and plaster. Includes guidance for choosing color, tools, and equipment, and provides detailed step-by-step procedures for each type of outdoor surface discussed.

Living With Color, book cover

Living With Color Rebecca Atwood

In this vibrant, lush home-decor lookbook and manual from the author of LIVING WITH PATTERN, textile designer Rebecca Atwood explains how to create a color palette, teaching readers to find what resonates with their personal aesthetic and bring the magic of color into their homes.

Collected. Volume No 3, Colour + Neutral, book cover

Collected. Volume No 3, Colour + Neutral Sarah Richardson

Get inspired by a new compilation of crave-worthy spaces and places curated by HGTV star and award-winning designer Sarah Richardson, following on the instant bestselling success of Collected: City + Country . The latest in the Collected series of books by Sarah Richardson celebrates Colour + Neutral , from interior and exterior spaces to products, places, and creative people. Filled with striking photos and smart advice from Sarah and her team, along with top designers on the global scene, this volume explores the joyful contrast between bright, energetic homes, and calming, soulful spaces--ensuring there's something for every one of Sarah's fans. Whether you dream of bold tones or whisper-soft palettes, Sarah's done all the work for you in Collected: Colour + Neutral , curating fresh ideas from the world's best sources and making this issue both a valuable resource and keepsake worth collecting.

A Pop of Color, book cover

A Pop of Color Geraldine James

Makeover your home using these straightforward, fun, simple and low-cost ideas to bring a POP of color into your interior spaces using paint, wallpaper, flowers, plants, cushions or throws. It could transform your life too.

Paint & Color, book cover

Paint & Color Jeanne Huber

Make It Your Own: Paint & Color shows you how to choose color palettes, paint furniture and faux headboards, wallpaper accent walls, hang fabric, color block rooms, and much more! With the help of Sunset home editors, you will find great expert advice, easy-to-follow tips, and a practical approach to adding personal style to your home.

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