Roles and Goals - Strategies and Resources

The California State Library has identified a number of common learner goals and grouped them under 4 main “Roles”: Goals as a Lifelong Learner, Goals as a Worker, Goals as a Family Member, and Goals as a Community Member. Use the resources below to create lesson plans that help learners meet their goals.

Goals As A Lifelong Learner

Learn the Alphabet, Letters and Sounds

Read a Book, Newspaper, or Magazine

  • Read a Book (PDF) - California Library Literacy Services
  • Read a Newspaper (PDF) - California Library Literacy Services
  • Read a Magazine (PDF) - California Library Literacy Services
  • News For You - Online newspaper for adult learners. Able to listen to the news. Contact PAR staff for the password!
  • News in Levels - Short news articles written at different reading levels.

Write a Letter

Learn to Type/Use Computer Keyboard

Search the Internet

  • Learn to search the Internet (PDF) - California Library Literacy Services
  • - Computer basics videos, in English and Spanish, on searching the Internet, using a keyboard and mouse, introduction to email, and other topics.

Get an Email Account

  • Computer Basics - Learn how to send an e-mail or search the Internet.
  • Gmail - Free webmail service developed by Google.

Get a Library Card

Earn a High School Diploma

Pass the GED Test

Goals As A Worker

Look for a Job Online

Fill Out a Job Application

Write a Résumé

Interview for a Job

Get a Job, Better Job, or Promotion

  • SJPL Works - San Jose Public Library’s Career and Business Center. Get resume assistance, mock interviews, and job seeker resources.
  • Get a job or get a promotion (PDF) - California Library Literacy Services
  • LearningExpress Library - Career Preparation - Offers preparation for professional exams, information about occupations, and skill-building for the workplace.
  • Workforce Atlas - Free online career path resource that adult learners can use to evaluate their reading, numeracy, digital literacy, and career skills; research jobs they may like; download resume templates and interview worksheets; and more.

Perform Current Job Tasks Better

Goals As A Family Member

Interact with Schools/Teachers

Plan Nutritious Meals 

Write Checks/Pay Bills/Manage Your Money

Read Medicine Labels or Health Information

Share a Book with Children/Family

Take Children to Storytime at the Library

Goals As A Community Member

Community Engagement

Get a Driver’s License

Vote in Elections

Become a Volunteer

Pass the Citizenship Test