My Results: Social Media & Online Sharing

My Results: Social Media & Online Sharing

Communicate About Privacy

Talk to friends and family about what information you prefer to keep private, and what you would or wouldn't be comfortable with them posting about you.

Everyone has the right to participate in social media. If you are a survivor of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and/or stalking, it is important to learn ways to stay connected while protecting your privacy and security.

Learn About Online Privacy

Adjust Your Privacy Settings

When you open a new social media account or start using a new app or device, review the privacy settings to make sure they reflect what you want to share with whom. Some settings we recommend reviewing include:

  1. Location services and frequent places (on apps, sites, and devices);
  2. Settings that limit what other people can post about you, such as requiring your approval for people to post on your timeline or tag you in photos, or whether other people can "check you into" a place.

Use these guides to help you identify and change the settings most important to you:

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