Lights on Afterschool

About Lights on Afterschool

San José Public Library is excited to participate Lights On Afterschool. Launched in October 2000, Lights On Afterschool is the only nationwide event celebrating afterschool programs and their important role in the lives of children, families, and communities.

On October 26, City Hall will illuminate in support of this impactful initiative. The Library is sharing our diverse afterschool programs, resources, and services.

Afterschool programs not only inspire continuous learning but also pave the way for our youth's promising futures. Discover all that San José Public Library offers to enrich the lives of our children, families, and community. Join us in shining a light on the power of afterschool!

Spotlight on Afterschool Learning

Homework Clubs

Need help with your homework? Volunteers will be available to help Kindergarten - 8th-grade students with their homework.

Math Programs

Count on us for math fun! Join our math programs to improve your problem-solving and add to your new skills.
Various items representing STEAM, including test tubes, rocks, geometry, robots, and circuitry.

STEAM Programs

Explore our STEAM programs for a world of science, tech, engineering, arts, and math wonders.

Reading Programs

Level up your reading skills with an SJPL reading coach or a furry friend. Ideal for ages 5-10.

Student Cards

Did you know that we offer special cards for San José students at participating schools?

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