College and Career – Graduating Ready for Post-Academic Success

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Choosing a Meaningful Path

San José Public Library believes that every student should be able to choose a meaningful path upon graduating from high school, whether that path is developing valuable trade skills, attending a two or four-year college, or launching a small business.

Program Highlights and Outcomes - College and Career

SJ Aspires

Programs Offered: 2 Partner Schools and Districts, San José High School San José Unified School District) and William C. Overfelt High School (East Side Union High School District) 
Participants: 694
Outcomes: Promote college and career readiness to students at high schools in San José.

Career Online High School

Participants: 87 total students, 26 students were awarded scholarships to COHS during FY 2020, 6 students graduated from COHS during FY 2020
Outcomes: 70% or higher of students complete the Career Online High School program and earn a high school diploma and career certificate.

Teen Programs

Programs Offered: 7,390
Participants: 636
Outcomes: Teen programs allow middle and high school students to develop and demonstrate 21st century especially social emotional growth, exercise leadership and address real-world problems, explore and learn about potential careers, including educational requirements, hands-on opportunities to develop skills, understand how to find, apply, and/or interview for entry-level work opportunities, gain research skills needed to learn and gain financial literacy skills.

Teen Volunteers

Programs Offered: 3,042 Total Hours (2117 Teen Book Reviewer, 187 Short Editions, 301 SJ Engage, 2437 Teens Reach)
Participants: 877 (285 Teen Book Reviewer, 34 Short Editions, 50 SJ Engage, 508 Teens Reach)
Outcomes: Teen volunteer programs allow high school students opportunities for professionalism, creativity, civic learning, leadership and social emotional growth.

Youth Commission

Programs Offered: Monthly meetings, trainings, and Youth Advisory Council meetings in each District
Participants: 11 Commissioners

  • Letters regarding: San José Police Department reform, Office of Racial Equity
  • Sent Policy Recommendations concerning green architecture, biodegradable utensils, the CAREN Act, etc.
  • Updated the San José Youth Bill of Rights, April 2021 and The Youth Commission Budget recommendations, March 2021
  • Leadership transferred to Library department FY2021- 2022

San José Works Youth Jobs Initiative

Participants: 628 youth served (374 subsidized youth, 254 unsubsidized youth)
Outcomes: Introduced a pilot mentoring program to complement the subsidized program curricula on job readiness, workplace skills, financial literacy, career exploration, academic and life skills. 54 mentors were recruited and matched with 60 participants.

Numbers are from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. Data will be updated annually.

Library Resources

From existing resources like SJPL Works and Career Online High School to innovative programming like SJ Engage and SJ Aspires, the San José Public Library connects learners to quality programming that supports them in their educational and career endeavors. San José Public Library continually adds new programs to support college and career readiness throughout the San José as well, so be sure to check in with your local librarian or visit San José Public Library's website to stay updated.

SJ Engage

An initiative sponsored by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, SJ Engage seeks to inspire social action and local civic engagement for youth within their communities. SJ Engage empowers Teens Reach groups to connect with local government leaders and community partners. Furthermore, it provides Teens Reach groups with the resources to complete a social action project and the skills to speak out about the issues they care about most.

SJ Aspires

San José Aspires guides students as they transition from high school and enroll in college or join the workforce. Through San José Aspires, students will learn about California's community colleges, four-year colleges and universities, and applying for financial aid. As students explore their educational opportunities, they take a career inventory, write a resume and cover letter, and pick up life skills. Students who complete San José Aspires will gain the knowledge they need to pursue their career goals and receive up to $500 to help with educational expenses they face along the way.

College and Career Readiness Quality Standards (660 KB PDF)

The Standards serve as a guide to quality improvement for college and career readiness programs in the City of San José.