eSpotlight - Korean Language eBooks Available at Overdrive!

San José Public Library now offers Korean language eBooks through Libby and Overdrive.

Megan Hicks
09/10/2019 - 9:15 AM

Fangirls Unleashed: Silicon Valley Comic Con 2019

Fangirls Unleashed has descended upon 2019's Silicon Valley Comic Con and has got the top highlights for you!

Alyssa Mendoza
09/09/2019 - 8:34 AM

Learn With Me: Early Literacy Q & R (Quiet Time & Rhyming)

Each month, we'll journey through the alphabet, discovering different ways of creating memories and moments to share with the children in your life.

Nari Ferderer
09/07/2019 - 7:00 AM

YA Friday: Lover

We matched every song on the new Taylor Swift album with a YA book. You had to know this was coming...

Megan Maloy
09/06/2019 - 1:00 PM

August 2019: Top 10 Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction Checkouts

It's that time again for the monthly check on what the community's reading!

John Muller
09/05/2019 - 4:32 PM

Winners of the 2019 Graphic Novel Making Contest

The 11th annual Graphic Novel Making Contest Awards Ceremony was held at the Seven Trees Community Center on Aug 31. This year’s contest featured 248 submissions and copies were on-hand for perusal.

Megan Hicks
09/03/2019 - 4:00 PM

eSpotlight - Gale Business: DemographicsNow!

DemographicsNow can provide you with the information you need to see where you can most effectively set up your new business.

Megan Hicks
09/03/2019 - 9:27 AM

Hispanic Heritage Month TBR

YA books featuring characters from a diverse array of Hispanic Cultures to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Penelope Gomez
09/02/2019 - 8:36 AM

Walk Around Town: Civic Stage Set

Dedicated in 1989, David Bottini’sculpture, Civic Stage Set, is located on Park Avenue between Almaden Boulevard and Market Street near the Tech Museum.

Monique Mcclellan
08/31/2019 - 9:45 AM

YA Friday: August 2019 Monthly Wrap-Up

Take a look at some of our favorite books released this month.

Megan Maloy
08/30/2019 - 9:56 AM

Romances of the Month: August 2019

This is a monthly blog that offers a round-up of a couple of romance books that I've read for the month, and where I will also share my reviews of each book!

Marian Nguyen
08/29/2019 - 10:00 AM

Looking Back: A Devilish Good Drink; Remembering Orange Julius

Back in the 1960s and 1970s, besides orange juice we had orange flavored soft drinks like Orange Julius and franchises were purchased and buildings erected just to sell the frothy, ice cold beverage. 

Ralph Pearce
08/28/2019 - 10:27 AM