Volunteer Spotlight: Brian Finerty Bascom’s Volunteer of the Year!

If you didn't already know, Brian Finerty was named 2023 Volunteer of the Year for Bascom Branch Library. In addition to staff's recognition of Brian's outstanding contributions and leadership, we'd like to include some snippets of praise, from those who know him best: his peers from Bascom's Friends Library volunteer organization!

Steve: "Brian has been one of the stalwart backers of the Friends of Bascom Library. He has selflessly stepped up and put together many of our book sales.  He has worked very hard when physically able to do the necessary sorting and organizing.  A tribute to his dedication, excellent work for the community, and tenacity to the facility would be to finally fix the electronic sign.  Thank you Brian for all you do!"

Ken: "Brian was such a dedicated, determined Friend that he walked almost every day to Bascom Library from his home! He never complained, and always had a great attitude."

Dolores: "Brian is our 'go-to' guy. He knows the ins and outs of our book sorting and book sales. While some of us do specific tasks, Brian does it all and keeps everything running smoothly. He is very dedicated and seems to have a nice rapport with the staff and definitely with the Friends group. I've enjoyed getting to know him, a real team player."

Pam: "I just wanted to say that I wouldn’t even have been a Friend of the Bascom Library if Brian had not encouraged me from the beginning - showing me the ropes, encouraging me to keep coming, and making work in the sorting room really fun.  He is always ready with engaging conversation, thoughtful and sometimes humorous remarks, and genuine interest in others.  I have made several good friends through his introductions and am always happy to find him there when I go to sort.  Even when we are facing the hard work of a book sale, he just digs in and makes it flow smoothly. Brian is just an all around great but humble person, always willing to share everything he knows, and I’m really glad he is a strong part of this group of Friends!"

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