Picture Books About Love

Most libraries have a holiday picture book section for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and December Holidays.

Some of my favorite picture books for storytimes come from the Valentine’s Day section!

My Favorite Picture Books About Love

Never Too Little To Love, book cover

Never Too Little To Love by Jeanne Willis

A little mouse wants to give his friend Giraffe a kiss, so he tries to build something to reach his very tall friend.  Giraffe finds a way to help mouse in his quest!  A great book about never giving up and being inventive.

I Like It When, book cover

I Like It When by Mary Murphy

I Like It When was one of the first books I started reading during storytimes.  Short and filled with active words, I was able to be theatrical and loud during readings.  I remember practicing with my kids, who loved the splashing of the bath!  A Kiss Like This and I Kissed the Baby! by Mary Murphy complete her "Love Trilogy" for storytimes, entertaining both parents and children with the bold pictures and funny themes.

Love You Forever, book cover

Love You Forever by Robert N. Munsch

A great book for family storytime!  A friend first clued me into this book.  A baby is loved by his mother, who always tells him how much she loves him each night, even into his adulthood.  Munsch gently introduces the concept of death naturally and shows how love travels from generation to generation.

No Matter What, book cover

No Matter What by Debi Gliori

One of my favorite books to read during February for storytimes!  Small the fox is not sure how much Large loves him.  Large explains in ever increasing ways of all the ways that he loves him!  Time and space don't matter in the ever expanding expanse that is known as love.

I Love My Little Storybook, book cover

I Love My Little Storybook by Anita Jeram

I end with a book that encourages the love of reading!  As a librarian, I adore this book, which shows bunny experiencing a fantastical adventure.  How is this adventure experienced?  Through the pages of bunny's favorite book!  Books can transport children to worlds unknown through their imagination.  This book shows bunny how to experience all kinds of adventures.  You may find this title through Link+.

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