National Friends of the Library Week

Collage of Friends members, including at one of their book sales.

Celebrating Our Friends: October 15–21

National Friends of the Library Week is October 15–21. This is an annual celebration aimed at recognizing and appreciating the invaluable contributions made by Friends of the Library groups across the nation. These dedicated individuals work tirelessly to support and enhance public libraries in their communities.

7,000 Hours

Last year, our Friends groups contributed over 7,000 hours of volunteer time to our community. At San José Public Library, we like to think that FRIENDS is an acronym:

  • Fantastic,
  • Responsive,
  • Interesting,
  • Efficient,
  • Notable,
  • Dependable, and above all

What Our Friends Do

Friends of the Library groups play a crucial role in supporting the San José Public Library. They organize community programming and supplies. Additionally, they volunteer their time to assist with various library operational tasks, such as shelving books or assisting with the organizing of library events.

About National Friends of the Library Week

This week-long celebration serves as a reminder of the importance of public libraries in our society. Libraries are not just repositories of books; they are community hubs that provide access to knowledge, foster learning opportunities, and promote cultural enrichment. National Friends of the Library Week encourages individuals to join or support their local Friends group, ensuring that these vital institutions continue to thrive.

National Friends of the Library Week is an occasion to honor those who dedicate themselves to supporting public libraries. Their efforts contribute significantly towards creating vibrant communities where everyone has access to information and educational resources. Let us celebrate this week by acknowledging their hard work and expressing gratitude for all they do in promoting our mission of literacy and lifelong learning through our beloved public libraries.

"I recently became a Friend because I'm passionate about getting involved in my local community. Library education and books are something I have always been fond of, so what better way to help out than to become a Friend of the Library."

- Rupen Parikh, recent inductee into the Friends of the Calabazas Branch Library

Join Our Friends

If you’re interested in becoming a Friend, please visit our Friends of the Library page or say hello to our Friends by visiting an upcoming book sale.

We thank our Friends for their commitment and continuous support!