Ms. Ila’s Middle Grade Reading Club: The Magical Imperfect by Chris Baron

Do you have a friend or friends who are just a perfect fit for you?

You may have a friend who:

  • is going through something similar to what you are going through
  • is someone who can understand and be there for you
  • may be different in some way, but it's okay with you
  • you may be able to help
  • is fun and easy to talk to about anything

Then you will enjoy The Magical Imperfect by Chris Baron.  The Magical Imperfect is in the genre called historical fiction.  You may notice some familiar places in this book, as it takes place in the Bay Area.  I might also call it friendship fiction.

My name is Ms. Ila and I am a big fan of reading middle grade fiction.  Hope you enjoyed Coo last month!  Here is my choice for this month!

Fun Activities for Kids Who Can't Play Outside

Your parents may restrict certain activities because they may cause flare-ups, but you can find an activity that you may enjoy like Malia did with her singing.  Look  our Kids Games page or give these a try:

Read-Alikes from Novelist K-8 Plus:

If you liked Magical Imperfect, log in to Novelist K-8 Plus with your library card and PIN.

Under Magical Imperfect, find Title Read-alikes and Author Read-alikes for similar books.

What Do You Think?

  • Why do you think Etan and Malia became friends?
  • Did you think their friendship has made both Etan and Malia stronger?  How?
  • Would you still be friends with Etan after he stopped speaking?
  • Would you want to play with Malia?
  • What did you think of the format of the book?  Is it the same as other books you have read?

Next month, we will be reading, While I Was Away by Waka Takahashi Brown.

Let me know what you think about this book in the comments below!