LocalLit 2022: Recap

Recap of LocalLit 2022

LocalLit is hosted by SJPL and SJSU King Library. It celebrates local authors and their work. The virtual event took place on Saturday, December 10, 2022. It opened with welcoming remarks by SJSU Library Dean Michael Meth and SJPL Deputy Director for Public Services Michelle Ornat.

Fifteen authors presented their works of fiction and non-fiction. They also discussed their writing process, inspirations, and tips for fellow writers. All authors donated copies of their books to the SJPL and SJSU library collections and are available for checkout.

Event Recording

Enjoy the recording of this event.

Many Thanks

Thank you to all who participated in the 10th annual LocalLit author festival. Huge thanks to the participating authors and creators:

*SJSU Faculty
**Author donated book to SJPL and SJSU collections but unable to attend event

Featured Works

The Full Extent An Inquiry Into Reality and Destiny, book cover
In the Shadow of Tungurahua Disaster Politics in Highland Ecuador, book cover
The Map to Wholeness Real-life Stories of Crisis, Change, and Reinvention, book cover
In Defense of Kindness Why It Matters, How It Changes Our Lives, and How It Can Save the World, book cover
We the Elites: Why the US Constitution Serves the Few, book cover
La Raíz Magazine, book cover
Surat to San Francisco How the Patels From Gujarat Established the Hotel Business in California 1942, book cover
Nurturing Our Self: During College, Everyday Life, and the Job Search, book cover
Venice Rising Aqua Granda, Pandemic, Rebirth, book cover
Life in a Cuppa Chai Conversations, book cover
M Is for Dog Show: A Mystery With Real Bite, book cover
Unlocked: An Anthology by Paper Lantern Writers, book cover
Break Bone Fever, book coverMistress Molly and Her Senior Sex Club, book cover
The Glitch a Novel, book cover
Surviving the Odd, book cover
Far From Home: Discovering Your Identity as Foreigners on Earth, book cover
The Cyclone Release, book cover