Home & Garden Highlight: Sheds

A shed can be incredibly versatile.  You can use it for storage, a home office, crafting, or as a place to simply relax.  The possibilities are truly endless.

Here are some recommended readings to provide inspiration and blueprints for the customization of your own special space.

Recommended Reading

Sheds, book cover

Sheds by David Styles

Sheds helps the do-it-yourself builder think through all the issues involved in designing and building a shed: intended use, size, cost, placement, degree of construction difficulty, and much more. Following a chapter on construction basics, the authors preview each step of building a beautiful and useful shed -- from foundation to cupola, and everything in between.

Shed Decor, book cover

Shed Decor by Sally Coulthard

In need of a place to work, play, or relax? A shed's the perfect solution! Small in space and investment, it easily fits in a backyard or garden and, as this inspirational design guide shows, can also be beautiful. From seemingly unpromising potting sheds to tired old summerhouses ripe for a makeover, Shed Decor reveals how the right combination of colors, fabrics, furniture, and accessories can transform an outdoor building. Whether you want a rustic hideaway or an urban den, a "salvage chic" office or a quirky creative hub, you'll find hundreds of quick, inexpensive, and clever ideas to design an inviting room.

The Versatile Shed, book cover

The Versatile Shed by Chris Gleason

Sheds aren't just for storage anymore! With a little bit of thought and work, your shed can become a guest cottage, a recording studio, a writer's getaway and even a "small" business location. Offers basic how-to for building your own shed structure, along with recommendations for electrical and comfort needs. Also included are ideas for working with pre-fabricated sheds, decoration ideas, and other customization tips.

She Sheds Style, book cover

She Sheds Style by Erika Kotite

It's no secret that the she shed revolution is underway and gaining steam. What is a she shed? It's simply any outbuilding that has been renovated, outfitted, redesigned, or otherwise reassigned into service as a refuge from the intense pace of modern life. Consider it a woman's response to the "man cave" craze. Whether you already have that sought-after shed or are still in the dreaming phase, author Erika Kotite (She Sheds: A Room of Your Own, Cool Springs Press, 2016) will help you on your journey.

Shed Manual, book cover

Shed Manual by John Coupe

Covering topics such as getting started, shed styles, materials, foundations, hardware and finishing,  The Haynes Shed Manual provides step-by-step instructions and wide-covering advice on all aspects of planning and building sheds.  Written by two shed experts, it's for the enthusiastic DIYer and those considering taking on a project.

Additional Reading

Shed Style, book cover
A Woman's Shed, book cover
My Cool Shed, book cover
Jay Shafer's DIY Book of Backyard Sheds & Tiny Houses, book cover
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She Sheds, book cover
The Complete Guide to Sheds, book cover
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