Home & Garden Highlight: Pest Control

Written by Rebekah Gonzalez

Are pests destroying your beautiful spring garden? Are you at your wits end over how to stop them? Look no further!  Below are recommended readings with natural solutions for deterring and eliminating the pesky bugs and animals that are eating up your plant babies.

Recommended Reading

Bug-free Organic Gardening: Controlling Pest Insects Without Chemicals, book cover

Bug-free Organic Gardening: Controlling Pest Insects Without Chemicals by Anna Hess

Are you sick and tired of pesky insects in your garden? Do you want to stay away from pesticides and harmful poisons that could be hazardous to your health and your garden? If you answered yes to both of those questions, Bug-Free Organic Gardening has all the answers to your troubles.

This book will show you how to bring your garden ecosystem into balance so that beneficial insects and larger animals do the work of pest control for you.

Deer-resistant Design: Fence-free Gardens That Thrive Despite the Deer, book cover

Deer-resistant Design: Fence-free Gardens That Thrive Despite the Deer by Karen Chapman

Deer are one of the most common problems a gardener can face. These cute but pesky animals can quickly devour hundreds of dollars’ worth of plants. And common solutions include the use of unattractive fencing and chemicals.

In Deer-Resistant Design, Karen Chapman offers another option—intentional design choices that result in beautiful gardens that coexist with wildlife. Deer-Resistant Design showcases real home gardens across North America—from a country garden in New Jersey to a hilltop hacienda in Texas—that have successfully managed the presence of deer. Each homeowner also shares their top ten deer-resistant plants, all welcome additions to a deer-challenged gardeners shopping list. A chapter on deer-resistant container gardens provides suggestions for making colorful, captivating, and imaginative containers.

The Guide to Humane Critter Control, book cover

The Guide to Humane Critter Control by Theresa Rooney

It takes a lot of work and a fair amount of money to grow a garden, and a top fear of every gardener is having their investment wiped out by deer, rabbits, and insect invaders. The Guide to Humane Critter Control is filled with clever ways to be proactive and stop pests from feasting on the bounty you've been working on all season.

Further Reading

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