Home & Garden Highlight: Herbs & Spices

Written by Rebekah Gonzalez

Throughout history, people have gone to incredible lengths to procure herbs and spices.  Why?  Because they can completely change and enhance the quality of food and have been touted for their wellness benefits.

During Shelter-in-place, many people have taken up cooking, so what better way to experiment with new dishes (and old) than by adding herbs and spices?  The right herb and/or spice can change the whole dynamic of the meal, so choose wisely and pair well.

Below you will find recommended reading on how to grow, use, and identify a plethora of common and exotic herbs and spices.

Recommended Reading

The Kitchen Herb Garden , book cover

The Kitchen Herb Garden by Rosalind Creasy

From Rosalind Creasy, a name synonymous with California's garden-to-table movement, comes an accessible guide to cultivating and preparing herbs. If you buy only one herb gardening book, this should be it. Creasy takes you from seeds to stove top, from preparing the soil to elegant dining suggestions, with easy-to-follow instructions and inspirational ideas every step of the way.

The Kew Gardener's Guide to Growing Herbs , book cover

The Kew Gardener's Guide to Growing Herbs by Holly Farrell

The herbs in this book provide flavours and scents unlike any other: culinary herbs are a living trove of fresh flavours for any cook, with an almost alchemical power to transform the simplest dish. Herbs can be used as seeds, flowers, or leaves; cooked and eaten themselves or used to infuse a dish or drink. They are popping up in artisan gin, ice cubes and cocktail syrups; in foraged dishes and kitchen gardens of the best restaurants as chefs realise that often the only way to capture that elusive flavour is to have home-grown, freshly harvested herbs on their doorstep. With this book these intense flavours can now be a reality for gardeners and food enthusiasts with any size of garden, from an acre to a window box.

Nature's Best Remedies , book cover

Nature's Best Remedies by Nancy Hajeski

This authoritative guide to the foods, herbs, spices, essential oils, and other natural substances that alleviate common ailments will enhance your life--from treating illness to sharpening the mind, losing weight, cleaning the home, enhancing pregnancy, and reducing the effects of aging.

The Encyclopedia of Spices and Herbs, book cover

The Encyclopedia of Spices and Herbs by Padma Lakshmi

From the Emmy-nominated host of the award-winning Top Chef, an A-to-Z compendium of spices, herbs, salts, peppers, and blends, with beautiful photography and a wealth of explanation, history, and cooking advice. Award-winning cookbook author and television host Padma Lakshmi, inspired by her life of traveling across the globe, brings together the world's spices and herbs in a vibrant, comprehensive alphabetical guide.

Growing & Using Herbs & Spices , book cover

Growing & Using Herbs & Spices by Don Burke

Herbs and Spices by Don Burke has a wonderful collection of herbs, and a few spices, that can be grown in your own garden.

Further Reading

Healing Herbal Teas, book cover
The Culinary Herbal, book cover
The Complete Guide to Growing Healing and Medicinal Herbs, book cover
Spiced , book cover
Herbs and Spices, book cover