Global Beatles Day

To commemorate The Beatles and their legacy, Global Beatles Day falls on June 25th every year, the anniversary of their 1967 live performance of "All You Need is Love" on Our World, the very first television program to be broadcast by satellite all over the world.

In 2009, the holiday was created by Beatles fan Faith Cohen to celebrate the ideals of The Beatles. Different fans may give different answers as to what the ideals of The Beatles are, but as a fan myself, I consider a Beatles celebration a celebration of music, love, peace, creativity, imagination, and a whole range of human feeling.

One great way to celebrate The Beatles is to watch the movies they made, available on DVD through the San Jose Public Library catalog or LINK+.  Most of The Beatles' films were very well-received. A Hard Day's Night has been called "the Citizen Kane of Jukebox Musicals" and Magical Mystery Tour . . .at least includes some good songs.

There are also an array of interesting films inspired by The Beatles. Just to name a few, 2019's Yesterday imagines what the world would be like if The Beatles never existed (such a horrible thought!), Good Ol' Freda focuses on the 11-year career of The Beatles' secretary Freda Kelly, and Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed is a Spanish movie about a teacher who goes to Almeria in 1966 in the hopes of meeting John Lennon, who was on location there filming the Richard Lester comedy How I Won The War.

This really is only scratching the surface of the wonderful Beatles treasures you can find in the library catalog, so take a good look around you, and we hope you will enjoy the show!

Beatles On Film

A Hard Day's Night, book cover
Help!, book cover
Magical Mystery Tour, book cover
Yellow Submarine, book cover
Good Ol' Freda, book cover
Living is Easy with Eyes Closed, book cover
Yesterday, book cover
Nowhere Boy, book cover
The Beatles Made on Merseyside, book cover
Two of Us, book cover
Eight Days A Week , book cover