Early Literacy at Home: July 2018 Calendar

July 2018

July 1: Pick a nursery rhyme to memorize this week and practice it every day.

July 2: Practice counting by 1s, 5s, 10s to get to 100.

July 3: Go for a walk outside. Find 5 different kinds of flowers.

July 4: LIBRARY CLOSED - Draw a picture of fireworks.

July 5: Count the number of windows in your home.

July 6: Make a list of 2 new things to try this month.

July 7: Tell someone a funny story.

July 8: Reread a favorite book for bedtime stories.

July 9: Visit the library.

July 10: Draw outside with sidewalk chalk.

July 11: Sit on a blanket or towel and sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat".

July 12: Practice cutting with scissors today.

July 13: Sing the ABC song in the car or to a friend or stuffed animal.

July 14: Help set the table for breakfast today.

July 15: Name foods that are red, white and blue at the grocery store.

July 16: Learn how to say the name of your favorite fruit in a new language.

July 17: Search for shapes in the clouds above.

July 18: Build a house out of pillows and blankets.

July 19: Listen to music and draw or paint a picture.

July 20: Pretend you are going to the zoo. What animal noises would you hear?

July 21: Practice spelling your name.

July 22: Think of words that rhyme with the word "cat".

July 23: Practice tummy time with open books nearby.

July 24: Point out body parts during bath time.

July 25: Sing "This Little Piggy" on fingers and toes.

July 26: Practice tracing shapes in a tray of rice or other grain.

July 27: Look for objects around you that begin with the letter "D".

July 28: Have a dance party with your toys.

July 29: Share a book about the ocean or the beach.

July 30: Play a game of peek-a-boo.

July 31: Visit the library.