Brooklyn Nine-Nine Watch-Alikes!

If you are like me and enjoy silly, extreme humor, you will enjoy a comedy like Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  From the extremely serious Captain Holt, to the fun-loving Jake or the ultra-loyal BFF Boyle, each character is drawn in an extreme, but hilarious way.

Like all good things, Brooklyn Nine-Nine ended with the broadcast season of 2021-2022.

Following, check out five other similar silly comedies like Brooklyn Nine-Nine!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine Watch-Alikes:

Psych (Seasons 1-8), book cover

Psych (Seasons 1-8) Universal Studios

Shawn Spencer, trained in the fine art of observation by his overly strict father, enlists his BFF Gus to solve difficult police cases under the guise of being a police psychic.  None the wiser to his shenanigans, the Santa Barbara Police Department detectives Carlton and Juliet reluctantly accept their help despite their better judgment.

Scrubs (Seasons 1-9), book cover

Scrubs (Seasons 1-9) Buena Vista Home Entertainment

John Dorian (or JD) starts off as an intern at a teaching hospital Sacred Heart with fellow interns Elliot and Turk.  Extreme personalities like the bottom-line driven Dr. Kelso and irascible Janitor fill JD with anxiety as he navigates the stressful world of a busy hospital.  JD internalizes his anxiety through fantasy vignettes that only he can see, much to the viewer's delight.  Over the course of the series, the doctors come into their own as they navigate the world of work.

The Good Place (Seasons 1-4), book cover

The Good Place (Seasons 1-4) Cinedigm

Though far from a model citizen, Eleanor Shellstrop finds herself in "The Good Place" upon her death.  There, she meets other odd characters like Jason, Tahani, and Chidi.  Under the direction of leader Michael and Janet, the four find that the afterlife is not all that it seems.  You will laugh uproariously at the perceptions of these four people, who do not seem to have a complete grasp on reality!

Parks and Recreation (Seasons 1-7), book cover

Parks and Recreation (Seasons 1-7) Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Leslie Knope is a mid-level manager in the Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee, Indiana.  Indefatigably sunny and optimistic, Leslie wants to make her town a fun place for its residents.  I would advise watching from Season 2, when Leslie's character was retooled.  Matched to resemble the politics following the 2008 Recession, see our current President, Joe Biden, and other politicians.  You will also see the ever-humorous Chris Pratt in an early break-out role before Jurassic World!

Monty Python's Flying Circus (Seasons 1-4), book cover

Monty Python's Flying Circus (Seasons 1-4) A&E Home Video

The original silly comedy, Monty Python's Flying Circus, ran through a period of time marked by a dreary and depressing event, the Vietnam War.  Filled with silly antics and pranks, this British sketch comedy proved to be a light-hearted romp in which to while away your time from dark reality.  If you want to see a classic sketch, check out the "Dead Parrot" routine!