Auto-Renewal is Here

The San José Public Library (SJPL) is excited to announce that starting July 25, 2019, it will begin to offer an automatic renewal service to all SJPL accounts. This service will automatically renew checked out books, DVDs and CDs, up to three times.

SJPL’s three-day courtesy email notice will inform library members of items that are eligible and ineligible for automatic renewal. The notice will also indicate the updated due dates of the renewed items.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is automatic renewal?

The Library system will automatically renew eligible materials checked out on customer's accounts for an additional 3 weeks, from the original due date.

Which items automatically renew?

Most physical items checked out from the Library may be eligible for up to 3 auto-renewals. Link+ items will only be automatically renewed once, if eligible.

What conditions prevent items from being automatically renewed?

  • Non-renewable materials such as Lucky Day books and DVDs, magazines and Reference materials
  • Items that have reached their renewal limit, 3 times for most materials
  • Items with a hold or outstanding request
  • Digital items, such as eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMovies, eMusic, etc.
  • Nontraditional items such as instruments and kits
  • Items checked out by the hour (laptops, game controllers, etc.)
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL) items
  • Accounts with fines and fees that exceed $20

What happens to items that are not eligible for auto renewal?

They will retain their original due date.

When will items automatically renew?

The system will attempt to renew item(s) 3 days before their due date.

How am I notified when an item auto renews?

Customers who have an email address in their account, and have selected email as their notification preference, will receive a notice 3 days prior to the due date of their item. This notice will indicate which items were renewed and which items could not be renewed. These notices are only sent out via email and will be titled “Courtesy Notice.”

If you do not have an email listed in your account your items will still be automatically renewed. You can check the status and due dates of your items by logging into your account via our website, calling 1-408-808-BOOK or your local branch library. Please talk to a staff member if you have questions about adding or editing the email address in your account.

What information is in an auto-renewal notification?

The courtesy message that is sent 3 days prior to the original due date will display the NEW due date and the status “RENEWED” for eligible items and the original due date and the status “NOT RENEWED” for ineligible items. (See example)

Am I still able to renew materials on my own?

Yes, you may renew materials any time you like, even after receiving the notice. Please note if you renew manually. the new due date will based upon the day you renew.

You can renew your materials:

  • Online: login to your account
  • By telephone: 24/7 automated renewal line at 1-408-808-2665 or 1-408-808-2000 during open hours
  • In Person: at the self-check machines or Accounts Desk at any library

Do I have to sign up for auto renewal?

No, this feature is automatically available to all our customers.

Please do not hesitate to contact library staff in person, online or over the phone in regards to any questions about this new feature and your account.