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YA Friday: Books Unite Us. Censorship Divides Us.

Books bring people together and aid the development of empathy and understanding for people from other backgrounds. Champion the right to read during Banned Books Week, September 18–24, 2022!

Megan Maloy
09/23/2022 - 8:00 AM

Ms. Ila's Middle Grade Reading Club: Just Jaime (Emmie & Friends) by Terri Libenson

Friendships may change in middle school. Can Jaime's and Maya's friendship survive 7th grade?

Ila Langner
09/21/2022 - 10:00 AM

Virtual School Readiness Programs

Join us Wednesdays through Thursdays at 10:30am with your child as they play games, learn to problem-solve and socialize with their peers.

Nari Ferderer
09/20/2022 - 12:00 PM

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day with our great selection of books and movies!

Lisa Mejia
09/15/2022 - 8:19 AM

¿Sabías que...? del 15 de Septiembre al 15 de Octubre se celebra el Mes de la Herencia Hispana

Celebración del mes de la herencia hispana y maneras de honrar nuestras raíces.

Marcela Munoz
09/14/2022 - 9:00 AM

Recap and Winners of the 2022 Graphic Novel Making Contest

Announcing the Winners of the 2022 Graphic Novel Making Contest.

Graphic Novels
09/14/2022 - 8:00 AM

Summer Winds Down: Picture Books About Summer

Here are five picture books that are great to read during the summer!

Ila Langner
09/08/2022 - 10:00 AM


2022中秋節是哪天?國曆:2022年9月10日, 農曆:壬寅年八月十五. 現在大家都跟著電腦過日子. 還記得哪一天是中秋節嗎?電腦會告訴你, 今年的9月10日, 也就是農曆年8月15是中秋節.

Maggie Kuo
09/02/2022 - 3:00 PM

Students: Library eResources for YOU!

Students, the Library has much to offer you in terms of databases, student cards, homework and test help, and access!

Ila Langner
08/30/2022 - 10:00 PM

My Child Has an Accelerated Reader or Lexile Reading List: How Do I Find a Book?

Learn about the Library's wonderful resource for finding books for your beginning (or older) readers!

Ila Langner
08/24/2022 - 10:00 AM

Recycle Right in San Jose

An informational post on recycling in San Jose.

Nari Ferderer
08/24/2022 - 8:00 AM

Fall into Fiction Short Story Contest

SJPL's Fall in Fiction Short Story Contest runs September 1-30.

08/23/2022 - 4:00 PM