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Alright folks, we have just a couple days left of Summer Learning! Make sure to log your reading in Beanstack to be eligible for prizes. With August just around the corner you may be feeling like summer is coming to an end, or you may be tired of the long days and ready to start back in with the whirlwind the end of summer always seems to bring. Whether you're on team "Endless Summer" or team "End This Summer" we have some great books that will help you keep busy as we wrap up another season. The summer heat may bring to mind images of the beach and some cool, refreshing water, chase that feeling with the Take A Dip! booklist highlighting books about the ocean, swimming, and all things H20. Starting to feel the mid-summer boredom setting in? Get busy with some projects and crafts in the Arts & Crafts for Summer Fun booklist, featuring crafty ideas for all ages. Worried about losing some of your skills or just a curious innovator wanting to learn more? The STEAM Titles booklist showcases great non-fiction books about science, technology, engineering, art, and math sure enough to quench the thirst of any knowledge seeker. Here are a some of our favorites from these lists...


Viking in Love by Doug Cenko. For Pre-Readers. With his Viking ingenuity and a few helpful kittens, Stig overcomes his fear of the sea and woos the bold and beautiful Ingrid.

Aquicorn Cove by K. O'Neill. For Readers. When Lana and her father return home to clean up after a big storm, Lana rescues an injured small magical sea horse-like creature.

Of Salt and Shore by Annet Schaap. For Pre-Teens. Every night Lampie, the lighthouse keeper's daughter lights the lantern which warns the ships away from the rocks, but when the light goes out one night, a ship is wrecked and Lampie is sent to the Admiral's Black House in disgrace--there she finds and befriends the Admiral's son, who was born with a tail, and together they are pulled into an adventure of mermen and pirates, and secret identities long concealed but soon to be revealed.

Jelly by Clare Rees. For Teens. After the sea levels rise and the world ends, Martha and other survivors are stuck on a giant killer jellyfish, drifting off shore--if boredom does not kill them, maybe their escape attempts will.

Find more great books on the Take A Dip! Booklist.

100 Backyard Activities That Are the Dirtiest, Coolest, Creepy-crawliest Ever! by Colleen Kessler. For Pre-Readers & Readers. Become An Expert on Bugs, Beetles, Worms, Frogs, Snakes, Birds, Plants and More. Provides instructions for simple science experiments and nature activities that can be performed in the backyard.

Star Wars Maker Lab by Liz Heinecke and Cole Horton. For Pre-Readers, Readers and Pre-Teens. Offers young Star Wars fans projects and experiments inspired by the Star Wars universe, including instructions on making Jabba slime, Kyber crystals, and an Ewok catapult.

Stitch Camp: 18 Crafty Projects for Kids & Tweens by Nicole Blum and Catherine Newman. For Pre-Teens and Teens. Provides step-by-step instructions for completing six textile crafts, offering three projects for each task, including an art pillow, phone sweater, cord-slung backpack, and beaded key fob or necklace.

The Organic Painter by Carne Griffiths. For Adults. Learn to Paint With Tea, Coffee, Embroidery, Flame, and More : Explore Unusual Materials and Playful Techniques to Expand Your Creative Practice.

Find more great books on the >Arts & Crafts for Summer Fun booklist.

How Does My Home Work? by Chris Butterworth. For Pre-Readers & Readers. Explores how houses are powered by energy, discussing the electricity, water, and natural gas that fuel appliances and other home technologies, and provides tips on how people can conserve these resources in their homes.

Germy Science by Edward Kay. For Pre-Readers & Readers. This hilarious, thoroughly researched book explains exactly how the microorganisms we know as germs are responsible for so much grossness. Kids will learn all about what germs (a general term for four specific microorganisms) actually are, how we get sick, how the human immune system works, and the best ways to stay healthy.

Inner Workings by Peter Hinckley. For Pre-Readers & Readers. The Extraordinary Insides of Ordinary Things, cross-sections show what is inside of a golf ball, a toliet, a merry-go-round, and other objects.

Tech Lab: Brilliant Builds for Super Makers by Jack Challoner. For Readers & Pre-Teens. Are you a budding scientist, engineer, or inventor? Tech lab unlocks your inner maker through 18 amazing step-by-step projects, from an automatic night-light to your own remote-control snake!

Find more great books on the STEAM Titles booklist.


Don't forget, you can still sign up for Summer Learning and log those books on Beanstack to be eligible for prizes, and drop us a comment if you found a new title that you love!

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