National Pet Month

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National Pet Month is Every May

Think about all the benefits and joy our animal companions bring to our lives! Having a pet can help reduce stress, provide companionship, and teach caring and responsibility. Many of us remember our first pet and how much happiness that friend of ours could bring. Each animal has its own personality and interacts with humans in its own way. If treated well, they offer you a loving, affectionate attitude. National Pet Month is also dedicated to promoting pet adoption and increasing understanding of the contributions of service animals.

Caring for Pets

Before you get a pet, it's important to understand the animal's needs and behaviors, and determine whether the pet will be compatible with you and your environment. For example, a large dog might be a good pet for a household that has a yard to run around in, but not for a family in an apartment. As another example, someone who wants a pet that is quiet and doesn't need a huge amount of attention might consider aquarium fish or a pet reptile.

You'll need to know what kind of food, grooming supplies, toys, and other items to buy to keep your pet healthy and happy. You'll also need to know how to clean and care for it, as well as what signs to watch for that might indicate your pet is ill. Your friend is relying on you! Resources like those below from SJPL can help you discover what pet might be right for you and how best to care for it.

Adopting a Pet in San José

The City of San José's Animal Care and Services offers a webpage that guides you through the process of adopting a pet. They can also help lost pets find their homes. Click on the button below to access their services.


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