International Book Lovers Day

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August 9 Each Year

International Book Lovers Day, often just called Book Lovers Day, falls on August 9 each year. It's a day dedicated to the joys of reading books and the value of stories and literature in our lives. August 9 would be a good day to start that book you've been wanting to read (or write), or to take time to share the fun and delight of books with someone learning to read. Whether fiction or non-fiction, print or digital, books help expand our understanding of the world, provide us with pleasure and insight, and help us grow as people.

A page from the medieval Book of Kells
A page from the elaborate Book of Kells

Evolution of the Book

Items such as slabs, wax tablets, and scrolls contained writing before books emerged. Some early books could take up to a lifetime to write and illustrate. In medieval monasteries, they were sometimes chained to desks to prevent theft, indicating how rare and valuable books were. Things started changing drastically in the 15th century when books began to be mass produced using printing presses, leading to more widespread literacy and knowledge and accelerating societal change.

Print and Digital Books

Today we have the choice of reading print books or eBooks. Many of us love the feel and familiarity of print books; however, eReaders and tablets offer the convenience of being able to fit a huge number of titles on them. You can also listen to eAudiobooks on a device. SJPL offers a wide variety of eBooks and eAudiobooks on multiple platforms, as well as guidance and assistance for checking out and downloading e-items. Explore, and see what interests you!

Love of Books

If you wish, please share some of your favorite books and why you like them in the comment section below. Or, leave reviews and ratings for books you've found intriguing on our catalog.

Also, check out the following titles on the joys of books, available through SJPL:

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