Fangirls Unleashed: Our Experience at Silicon Valley Comic Con

Geeks, nerds and cosplayers rejoice! Weren't able to make it to Silicon Valley Comic Con last weekend? You're in luck, since us Fangirls went the entire weekend and our newest video feels as if you're geeking out beside us. It is a long video, so grab your favorite junk food (our favorites are Flaming Hot Cheetos), put on your cape, and enjoy the biggest event that San Jose has ever seen.

Want more? Below were our favorite aspects of the con.

1. Technology

Alyssa dressed as R2D2 with an actual R2D2

It's not called the Silicon Valley Comic Con for nothing. There was everything from a virtual reality stimulator to a build your own R2D2 droid. Many of the panels were exciting, such as the future of mobile gaming to women in technology.

2. Panels

Diveristy Panel

We went to several panels over the weekend, from spending an evening with William Shatner to the closing ceremony with Steve Wozniak and Stan Lee. Our favorite by far was the Nerds of Color Fandom, which is exactly what us Fangirls are. The entire panel was inspiring and greatly emphasized today's need for diversity in geek culture. We left feeling extremely inspired and had a little more bounce in our step.

3. Celebrities

Alyssa with Michael. J. Fox and Bonnie Wright

There certainly was no shortage of stars at the con! There were well over 10 celebrities there from Christopher Lloyd to Alan Tudyk. Alyssa even got to meet Michael J. Fox who was extremely nice and Bonnie Wright who was very sweet.

4. Cosplayers


Our absolute favorite aspect of the con were all the cosplayers! All of them had amazing craftsmanship and captured the spirit of whoever they were portraying. Our favorites were definitely the gender bending cosplays such as the female Aquaman and the diverse cosplayers such as Captian America and Princess Leia, especially after the diverse panel we had attended.

Overall, we had an amazing experience at SVCC. A big thank you to a few of our winners for letting us interview you. We hope you enjoyed yourself! Addie and I are definitely coming back next year.

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Addie and Alyssa 

This blog has been a collaboration between Adilene Rogers and Alyssa Mendoza.


Alyssa, I was on this panel (in the pink shirt) thank you for coming and giving the panel a shout out. Hit me up on twitter at @animecomplexium. Send me a tweet or direct message. Lets talk about future panels as I have some things planned.

Thank you so much Val! I think Addie has reached out to you, and we're excited to see you at the next panel you'll be on. Nerds of Color was hands down our favorite panel at SVCC.

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