Early Literacy at Home: August 2018 Calendar

Parent and child playing at the library

(Photo courtesy of the CA State Library and Terry Lorant Photography)

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August 2018

August 1: Read a book about your favorite animal.

August 2: Build a house using pillows, blankets and chairs.

August 3: Make up a song about hats.

August 4: Play dress-up with old Halloween costumes.

August 5: Paint outside with water and a paintbrush.

August 6: Roll a ball back and forth.

August 7: What happens when you put paper into a bowl of water?

August 8: Visit the library.

August 9: Play with bubbles.

August 10: Practice spelling your name out loud.

August 11: Pick out your own clothes.

August 12: Count the number of shirts in your closet.

August 13: Make a bed for a toy with an old shoebox and fabric scraps.

August 14: Tap different objects with a wooden spoon. What noises do you hear?

August 15: Point to the letters on a page as you read together.

August 16: What rhymes with the word "bat"?

August 17: Visit the library.

August 18: Try a new food today.

August 19: What is one thing you made you smile today?

August 20: Draw circles that are small, medium and large.

August 21: Learn how to spell the name of your favorite food.

August 22: What letters are in the word "book".

August 23: Share a book with someone special.

August 24: Tell a friend, pet, or stuffed animal a story about your day.

August 25: Help in the kitchen! Add one ingredient into a mixing bowl.

August 26: Point to the pictures on a page when saw the word.

August 27: Have a dance party with your toys.

August 28: What letter does your favorite color start with?

August 29: Draw, scribble or write today.

August 30: How high can you count when washing your hands?

August 31: Pick out a book for bedtime stories.

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