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Submitted by Ila Langner on Wed, 07/13/2022 - 10:00 AM
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Recently, I noticed that the Library included a coding eResource for kids called Prenda Code Club.  Here is the description for the new eResource:

"Prenda Code Club is a self-paced learn-to-code software for kids ages 8-18. Through gamified projects and tutorials, kids can learn a variety of coding skills."

Once you have entered with your library card and PIN, you can create a Prenda account.  You will be asked to provide your name, gender, month and year of birth, email, username, and passwords.

Once you have created these, you will be asked to create an avatar and enter the coding town.  You will be dropped into your first coding lesson once you have signed in to the Prenda Code Club.  My first task was to create a dance!  Fun!

I wondered what other alternatives are available and I found the following databases for you to try.  In each, I searched for "coding for kids."

LinkedIn Learning (formerly

I wasn't sure that this database would provide coding lessons for kids, but sure enough, there is a category called "coding courses for kids," once I started typing in "coding for kids."

There are all kinds of lessons!  Here are the first few that come up in the search:

  • Programming Foundations: Programming for Kids
  • Coding for Visual Learners: Learning JavaScript from Scratch
  • Visual Studio Code Productivity Tips
  • Programming Foundations: Secure Coding

Other lessons include how to create websites.

Here is the Library's description:

"An online learning site that hosts a growing library of over 16,000 courses available in seven languages. Courses are delivered by expert instructors on creative, business and technology topics. Library ID for the app: sjpl."

You will need your library card and PIN to sign in.

O'Reilly for Public Libraries

Here is a description of the database that the Library provides:

"Use online learning content and tools to learn new technologies and research business trends. O'Reilly provides access to eBooks, videos, learning paths and case studies."

You will need to enter your library card and PIN, then you can search for "coding for kids."

Most of the results are books, but I did find a few courses on video, much like LinkedIn Learning.

Treehouse (Technology Learning)

Treehouse is a great website for learning technological skills like how to build websites, learn coding, etc.

Treehouse does have a track for kids who want to learn STEM.  There, you will find an HTML and CSS class just for kids!

This database is extremely popular, though, so if you haven't used your account in more than a month, your account will be deactivated.  No worries, though!  You can restart from where you left off.  Be sure to fill out the New Treehouse User form to get reactivated.

You will need to enter your library card, name, and email address.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the Comments section below!


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