Children's & Young Adult Materials = Fine Free

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$0 Late Fees for Children's & Young Adult Materials

The San José Public Library is excited to announce that on June 11, City Council approved the Mayor's proposal to eliminate late fines for youth during Fiscal Year 2018/19 – something the Library and Early Education Commission identified as their top priority.

"This is a BIG win for our community, educators, students and library system. Our goal is to ensure that San José youth experience greater access to Library materials and services that support their growth and learning."
—City Librarian, Jill Bourne.

When does this Fine Free Program go into effect?

The program will go into effect on Thursday, July 5, 2018.

Children's and Young Adult materials checked out after July 5, will be covered by the new guidelines and will not accrue fines should they be returned late.

Note: If you accrue late fines on Children's and Young Adult materials after July 1, 2018, please contact your local SJPL branch library for assistance before paying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we doing this?

When will the pilot program go into effect?

What materials are fine free?

How is the pilot being funded, and will it impact the library's funding?

What if a customer already has fines on their account?

Will lost fees still be charged on Children's and Young Adult materials?

Are we worried about our collection being depleted?

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Before You Pay, Find a Different Way!

Do you still have fines that don't meet the requirements for this Fine Free Program? Take control and regain access to your library with our Fine Forgiveness Programs.


How about having the library open normal hours on Mondays instead?That would make the libraries actually useful on that day.Once again,no funding to have the libraries open longer.

I believe that people will taking advantage on this no late fee program due to Humanities.

A lot of tgtimes the kids arent the ones checking out the books,it is the parents

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