California State Park Adventure Pass

Adult and child hiking

The Center for American Progress reported in 2020 that 70% of low-income communities in the United States live in nature deprived areas. Recent studies from the Children and Nature Organization indicate that children who have access to greenspace leads to an overall improvement to a child's emotional learning, physical well being, stress reduction and academic outcomes.

The state of California believes that every Californian has the right to the cultural, recreational, historical and natural resources found at the diverse California state parks. California state governor, Gavin Newsom signed senate Bill 129 in 2021 which includes 5.6 million dollars to fund the California State Adventure Pass program. This program gives access to all California state fourth graders to 19 state parks.

How to Get a California Adventure Pass

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All California state fourth graders are eligible to receive a free California Adventure Pass. This pass is valid at 19 California state parks for the duration of the child's fourth grade year (and summer). Parents and guardians of a fourth grader can go to or call (800) 444-7275 to set up an Adventure Pass profile for their child. Adults can also go to this list of California State Park Pass Sale offices to set up their fourth grader's profile in person. For more information on what to do when you've set up the California Adventure Pass, please visit the California State Park website.

Parks that Accept the Adventure Pass

Adult and child hiking
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I love it that you are encouraging kids to go outside. So many good books too.

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