Volunteer Signature Form

City of San José Volunteer Code of Ethics and other volunteer information:

Volunteers are an important asset of the City’s workforce and make it possible for the City to deliver services to San José residents. As a volunteer, you represent the City of San José. As such, it is important that you adhere to the City’s Volunteer Code of Ethics.

I, as a volunteer with the City of San José agree to:

  • Conduct myself in a professional manner; maintaining high standards of integrity and honesty.
  • Treat all members of the public, employees, and other volunteers with respect and courtesy.
  • Avoid any activity that could be seen as a conflict of interest, such as accepting gifts or favors from individuals or businesses that could be seen to be an attempt to influence a City decision.
  • Respect confidential information that is available to me as a result of my volunteer work with the City, and refrain from using it for personal gain or for personal, non-City business related reasons. Bring any violation of this confidentiality to my supervisor.
  • Promptly raise questions and concerns regarding possible violations of City policy or local, State or Federal law with my immediate supervisor or another manager within my department.
  • Reinforce the City of San José's commitment to equal employment opportunity and a work environment free of discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment. Please see City Policy Manual, section 1.1.1.

I understand that I may be released from my volunteer position with the City of San José for not adhering to the above Code of Ethics.

I acknowledge that there is no salary or other compensation for my services as a volunteer.

I understand that during the course and scope of my (or my child’s) volunteer services to the City, I (or my child) will be covered under the City’s Workers’ Compensation self-insurance. I also understand and agree that my sole remedy for any injury that I (or my child) may sustain during the course and scope of my (or my child’s) volunteer services to the City, which is covered by Workers’ Compensation, shall be through the City’s Workers’ Compensation self-insurance coverage. I waive any other right or remedy that I (or my child) may have against the City of San Jose, its employees, officers, and agents (collectively referred to as “City”) available to me for an injury as described above (including an injury arising out of the City’s negligence). Further, I release the City from all other liability arising from my (or my child’s) volunteer service or activities as provided hereunder.

I understand that the City of San José or San José State University may photograph or videotape the events or activity in which I am (or my child is) participating. I give my permission for the City and the University to use photographs or videotape of me (or my child) for the purpose of promoting the City of San José (and/or San José State University) and its services/programs. I give my permission with the following understanding: No compensation of any kind will be paid to me (or my child) at this time or in the future for the use of my (or my child’s) likeness.

I also acknowledge and agree that my (or my child’s) services are provided for the convenience of the City and may be terminated for any reason or for no reason and at any time by the City without prior notice or hearing. I, the undersigned, certify that the information stated on this agreement and release is true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and is made in good faith. Any false statements made by me may be used as a basis of rejection for this application or termination of volunteer services.

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