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Welcome to the San José Public Library’s (SJPL) brand resources site. Here you’ll find:

Logo Asset Pack

Our brand assets are available as a downloadable pack:

By downloading the file you are stating that you have read & accepted the guidelines for use below.

Brand Guidelines and Assets

Our guidelines outline the rules for using SJPL’s brand assets. Please use only approved brand assets from this site to help us protect our brand and follow these guidelines. Any logos or images found elsewhere on the web are not approved for use.

The Basics


  • Maintain color, shape, and proportions
    To ensure accurate and consistent use, never modify, alter, rotate, embellish, or recreate SJPL’s brand assets.
  • Keep sufficient clearspace
    Leave enough space around SJPL brand assets for them to be clearly visible and uncluttered.
  • Minimum sizes
    To safeguard the visibility and integrity of SJPL brand assets, assets should be scaled to a minimum size of .225”.

Do not's

  • Don't modify the design or color of our assets
    • Stylizing, skewing, warping, adding effects, or modifying their color or shape is not allowed.
    • If you are unable to use the correct color due to technical limitations, you may revert to black and white.
    • Don’t use any icons or images to represent SJPL other than what is found on this site.
  • Don't misrepresent SJPL’s brand
    Avoid representing SJPL’s brand in a way that puts the brand in a negative context or as part of an unapproved script or storyline.

Copy Standards

Here are specific guidelines to follow when mentioning SJPL in your copy:


  • Use the e-acute accent on San José Public Library. It is not needed when written in all caps.
  • Use SJPL in long copy only after the first in-text reference is written. Example: San José Public Library (SJPL)

Do not’s

  • Don’t use SJPL brand assets in place of words.
  • Don’t use SJPL’s brand as a verb or abbreviate it incorrectly.
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