Room Reservation FAQs

Q. How do I reserve a group study room?

We have a variety of group study rooms. These are are available at the King Library and SJPL branch libraries. More details:

  • How to Reserve: You can reserve these rooms online, for free, up to 4 days in advance.
  • Room Capacity: These rooms are limited to individuals and small groups.
  • Max Hours: You may reserve a room for up to two hours per day.
  • No Fees: The rooms may not be used for any activities which require a fee.
  • Regular Courses/Meetings: These rooms are not to be used for regularly scheduled university courses or public meetings.

Q. How do I edit or cancel my group study room, meeting room, or community room reservation?

You have a few options for how to cancel and edit:

  • Online:
    • To Cancel:
      • In the email confirmation you receive, there will be a link you cancellation link.
      • Select the cancellation link in the email.
      • It will take you to the cancellation page.
      • Confirm that this is the reservation you want to cancel.
      • Select the "Cancel Booking" button.
      • You should get a success message on the same page.
    • To Edit: After cancelling, if you need a different time, then book a new reservation.
  • Call: Call the location where you would like to cancel or edit your reservation.
  • In-Person: Talk with a staff member in-person to help you cancel or edit your reservation.

Q. Can my study group use the room for longer than my allotted time?

Yes. Other members of your study group can book the room back-to-back. The room must be available at the time of booking.

Q. Is there computer access in the group study rooms?

Wi-Fi is available. Do you need to use a computer during your study room session? We have devices available to borrow via our SJ Access service.

Q. Do I need a booking receipt to use a group study room?

No. You should receive an email confirmation. You can use that email as proof of your reservation if needed.

Q. What if someone is using the group study room at the time when I reserved it?

  • Look at your email confirmation.
  • Make sure that you have the correct room and correct time.
  • Check with the people using the room. Ask them if they have the correct time and room reserved. 
  • If they don't, ask them politely to vacate and refer to your confirmation.
  • If they don't leave, ask library staff for help.

Q. How do I reserve a meeting room or community room?