Resilience Corps


What's Resilience Corp?

Resilience Corps is a jobs program for San José residents living in under-resourced areas or who are very low-income. Resilience Corps Associates:

  • Earn a living wage
  • Receive professional development training
  • Gain experience in the expanded learning field working with high needs students in grades K-8


"The energy and talent from our young San Joséans in the Resilience Corps are helping us tackle many of our greatest challenges—from the pandemic to climate change to widening gaps in educational and economic outcomes." — Former Mayor Sam Liccardo, San José


About Resilience Corps

How It Started

In March 2021, Former Mayor Sam Liccardo launched Resilience Corps. This jobs program for young adults focuses on five critical areas of community resilience. One area is overcoming the learning loss of struggling students.

The City of San José appointed the San José Public Library to lead the development and implementation of Resilience Corps. The Resilience Corps Learning Pathway program aims to accelerate learning growth among high-need K-12 students in San José. The program achieves this goal by employing qualified part-time Resilience Corps Associates.

Joining #CaliforniansForAll Youth Jobs Corps

Resilience Corps Learning Pathway San José joined the #CalifornianForAll Youth Jobs Corps Program in 2022. #CaliforniansForAll Youth Jobs Corps has three core goals:

  1. Employment: Increase employment for underserved youth across California.
  2. Public Service: Develop meaningful public service career pathways.
  3. Challenges: Enhance the capacity of local governments to address challenges in the key areas of food insecurity, climate action, and COVID-19 recovery.


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Who's Involved?

Launched in 2021, Resilience Corps is a living-wage, paid work experience designed for the following San José residents:

  • Residents living in low resource census tracts (LRCT)
  • Residents who are very low-income

Resilience Corps Associates are placed at qualified program providers. Associates provide afterschool and tutoring support to high-need K-12 students in San José.

These are part-time positions. Associates will gain firsthand experience in the educational and afterschool profession. The San Jose Public Library Foundation provides financial compensation, training, and professional development.

Program Partners

Corps Associates hired through this program will work with approved program partners:

  • Bay Area Tutor Association
  • Boys and Girls Club Silicon Valley
  • Catholic Charities Santa Clara County
  • Mount Pleasant Elementary School District (MPESD) After School
  • Parks and Recreation ROCK afterschool
  • San José Public Library
  • Think Together

Education Agencies with Participants

These programs support schools and students in seven local education agencies:

  • Alpha Public Schools
  • Alum Rock Union School District
  • Berryessa School District
  • Downtown College Prep
  • Franklin McKinley School District
  • Mt. Pleasant Elementary School District
  • Oak Grove School District

About the Expanded Learning Programs

Expanded learning programs with Resilience Corps Associates are aligned to common core anchor standards. They prioritize whole child learning opportunities including social-emotional learning, academics, and physical activity. All programs follow CDC public health and safety guidelines and best practices.

Benefits for Associates

  • Living Wage: The pay for these jobs is high enough to maintain a normal standard of living.
  • Professional Development: We work with associates to make a plan to grow and develop their skills.
  • Career Networking and Placement: Introduce associates to key people in colleges, government agencies, and private employers to expand their professional network
  • Job and college placement: Once trained and certified, we will work with associates to get a living-wage, full-time job and/or enroll in college.


Contact Us


For more information about becoming an Associate or Program Partner, please contact us:




We're grateful for the financial support provided by the City of San José through the American Rescue Plan (ARP) and the State of California Youth Jobs Corps. We're also thankful for the administrative support provided by the San José Public Library Foundation.


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