Lunar New Year 2024

The Year of the Dragon

Lunar New Year celebrations will begin on Saturday, February 10, 2024, ushering in the auspicious Year of the Dragon. All across Asia, the Pacific Rim, and beyond, families and friends come together to celebrate the holidays.

From the new moon to the full moon, for 15 days, the New Year unfolds with gatherings and cultural festivities, including remembrances of the dead, family dinners, gifting, dragon or lion dances, firecrackers, lucky money (hongbao or Lai see), and special foods and traditions.

On the fifteenth day of the New Year, the Lantern Festival is celebrated. In China, this fesitval is also sweetened by yuan xiao dumplings.

SJPL offers engaging events and several books to enrich your Lunar New Year experience. Discover the stories, customs, and flavors of this extraordinary celebration with us!

Lunar New Year Crafts and Events

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New Year's Greetings

Share these New Year's wishes with family, friends, and neighbors.


  • Chúc mừng năm mới: "Happy New Year."
  • Vạn sự như ý "Everything goes according to your wishes," or "May all your wishes come true."

Chinese (Mandarin)

  • Xīnnián kuàilè 新年快乐: A more formal way to greet people during Lunar New Year.
  • Xīnnián hǎo 新年好: Usually the first greeting during Lunar New Year that is said among Chinese people, replacing the normal greeting, "nǐ hǎo."

Chinese (Cantonese)

  • Gong hay fat choy 恭喜发财: "Happiness and prosperity." Commonly used in Hong Kong, Guangdong Province, and nearby areas, and often heard in many Chinatowns.


  • Seh-hahm-nee-dah 새해 복 많이 받으세요: A formal way to wish "Happy New Year".
  • Seh-hahm-mah-nee 새해 맞이 축하합니다: An informal way to say "Happy New Year" or "Congratulations on the New Year."

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Recipes to Celebrate Lunar New Year

Staff Picks

SJPL Picks: Lunar New Year Celebration

Whether celebrating Chinese New Year, Tết, Seollal, or any iteration of Lunar New Year, you'll find books here for this unique holiday.
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