Life Skills Academy

Life Skills Academy

Life Doesn’t Come With an Instruction Manual

You’ve been through a dozen years of school and know Shakespeare’s birthday, our fifteenth President’s favorite pie, and the value of A Midsummer’s Night Dream up to five decimal points ... or was that the other way around? Now you’re ready to kiss high school goodbye and go on to something new. The only question that matters now is: “Are you ready?”

The San José Public Library may not know the answer, but we do have the solution. Introducing the Life Skills Academy, a new program designed by the library exclusively for you, the high school student planning on leaving it all behind for college or the work force. Sure, you may have a great résumé and GPA, but can you boil an egg? The Life Skills Academy will teach you some of the essential tips and tricks that you’ll need to lead a successful and (relatively) stress-­free adult life.

Our Programs

No registration required. Our Life Skills programs are built to target ages 14-­19, but all ages are welcome and encouraged to attend.

moving dolley

There are many different ways you can go right and wrong when you’re embarking on the journey of finding and moving into an affordable apartment. Learn about the ups and downs of figuring out where you want to live, looking for housing, and even living with roommates.


College is an amazing experience. It’s fun, challenging, educational, and absolutely nothing like high school. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make sure the experience works for you. Learn about the expectations, challenges, and advantages of college classes and the college experience.

fork and knife

Tired of cooking out of a box? Has cup ramen lost its flair? Impress your friends, impress your parents, impress your bae. Private chef Chantale Doinel shows you, healthy, and (most importantly) tasty alternatives to ketchup spaghetti and soggy store-­bought burritos.


Getting your first paycheck is an awesome experience. Paying your first bill? Not so much. Moving into a new place? Awesome. Actually having to pay for food, board, shampoo? Not as thrilling. Learn how to budget, build credit, and balance your needs and desires with your income.

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