Digital Literacy – Access, Affordability, Adoption

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About Digital Literacy

We live in an increasingly digital world, and here in the heart of Silicon Valley, all of our residents should have access to the jobs, tools, and skills that our innovative region can provide.

Program Highlights and Outcomes - Digital Literacy


Programs Offered: 251
Participants: 4,038
Outcomes: 70% of all surveyed participants said they were excited to learn more about coding and computer science after taking the course. 54% of all students self-identified as girls for the first time in C5K history, addressing the gender gap in STEM careers, especially computer science.

Digital Literacy Classes

Programs Offered: 10 (full set of 4 workshops each)
Participants: 529
Outcomes: Participants engaged in 4 workshops that taught vital digital skills such as online safety, cloud storage, how to set up an email account, and Google suite. These classes were held in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

SJ Access Hotspots

Participants: 9,541 (including renewals)
Outcomes: Using Federal funding, SJPL was able to purchase and circulate Wi-Fi hotspots to address the digital divide in San Jose.  91% of those who checked out a tech device report being satisfied with the service.

SJ Access Computing Devices

Participants: 771
Outcomes: Using Federal funding and in-kind donations, SJPL was able to purchase and circulate Chromebooks, laptops, and iPads to address the digital divide in San Jose. 91% of those who checked out a tech device report being satisfied with the service.

Numbers are from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. Data will be updated annually.

Library Resources

From coding to job searches, robotics to social connection, digital access and literacy is key for our City. SJPL and our partners are already hard at work on pilot programs such as our Coding 5K Challenge, which seeks to provide 5,000 students a year with access to quality coding experiences; and the School2Home project, which provides middle school students with a laptop that can be used for homework at school, home or anywhere! These efforts, as well as many upcoming projects and programs, will help San Jose fulfill its potential as the heart of Silicon Valley.

Need in San Jose – Ready for Silicon Valley

The City of San Jose seeks to ensure that our San Jose residents are aware and comfortable with using digital tools for learning at all stages of life, and have easy access to appropriate devices and broadband service. By looking at the “3 A’s”- Access, Affordability, and Adoption- the City of San Jose will be home to citizens that are capable of and eager to utilize the many online and digital resources at their fingertips here in the capital of Silicon Valley.

Coordination + Integration – A Network of Future Ready Skills

With strong program components already underway, the City will build upon the work begun under the Broadband Strategy by seeking to increase access to devices and services, boosting awareness of digital tools and their value, and working with telecoms to provide high speed access to all residents at an affordable price.

Standards + Quality Assessment – Crafting an All-Inclusive Strategy

The development of a City-wide Digital Literacy strategy will ensure that all residents are aware of the quality programs and services offered by the City and its partners, creating a continuum of education, Pre-K through senior citizens. Program quality assessments and experience surveys will provide vital data and drive future decision-making.

The Digital Literacy Quality Standards (720 KB PDF)

The Standards serve as a guide to quality improvement for programs in the city of San José that promote digital skills for students and community members.