Digital Literacy Quality Standards

The City of San José's Digital Literacy Quality Standards serve as a guide to quality improvement for programs in the city of San José that promote digital skills for students and community members. (720 KB, PDF)

Access, Affordability, and Adoption

The City of San José seeks to ensure the following:

  • Our residents are aware and comfortable with using digital tools for learning at all stages of life.
  • Our residents have easy access to appropriate devices and broadband service.

By looking at the "3 A’s"—Access, Affordability, and Adoption—the City of San José will be home to community members that are capable of and eager to utilize the many online and digital resources at their fingertips here in the capital of Silicon Valley.

Coordination + Integration – A Network of Future Ready Skills

With strong program components already underway, the City will build upon the work begun under the Broadband Strategy. They will accomplish this by:

  • Increasing access to devices and services;
  • Boosting awareness of digital tools and their value; and
  • Working with telecoms to provide high speed access to all residents at an affordable price.

Standards + Quality Assessment – Crafting an All-Inclusive Strategy

The development of a City-wide Digital Literacy strategy ensures that all residents are aware of the quality programs and services offered by the City and its partners. This creates a continuum of education, Pre-K through senior citizens. Program quality assessments and experience surveys will provide vital data and drive future decision-making.

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