YA Ultimate Halloween TBR

So I don't know if it's the global pandemic, but I have been over summer and anxiously awaiting Halloween since like the start of July! I know, super early but for some reason I've been on a Horror movie kick since then. Disclaimer: I am a weenie when it comes to horror movies.

There are so many different genres of Horror movies too:

First off, we have the overly gruesome slasher movies that I personally can not stomach but I know other people adore.

Then, we have the typical paranormal horror movies that will literally leave me up all night and sleeping with a night-light for a week after watching! Like I said I'm a weenie. If you are able to watch a paranormal movie and still sleep like a baby at night, you are a different breed of human and I applaud you.

Then we have the Monster movie genre and the Psychological Thrillers, these are the genres I stick to the most, if I want to watch something scary without being TRAUMATIZED!

Then lastly my all time favorite genre of Halloween movies, are anything witch-related like "The Craft", its not going to keep me up at night, but sometimes I'm just looking for some Halloween Vibes.

Everyone has such different tastes when it comes to Horror movies, I figured people are the same when it comes to Horror Books. This year I've compiled a list of books fitting those 5 Horror movie genres to fit all your exact Halloween needs.

Slasher Recommendations

The Merciless, book cover
There's Someone Inside your House, book cover
The May Queen Murders, book cover
Ten, book cover
Daughters Unto Devils, book cover
Harrow Lake, book cover
Alone, book cover

Supernatural Recommendations

Blood and Salt, book cover
Through the Woods, book cover
The Walls Around Us, book cover
Horrid, book cover
The Unquiet, book cover
The Tenth Girl, book cover
Rules for Vanishing, book cover

Monster Recommendations

The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein, book cover
Survive the Night, book cover
Slasher Girls & Monster Boys, book cover
This Is Not A Test, book cover
Fractured Tide, book cover
Some Kind of Animal, book cover
The Bone Houses, book cover

Psychological Thriller Recommendations

The Cheerleaders, book cover
You Owe Me A Murder, book cover
Two Can Keep A Secret, book cover
This Lie Will Kill You, book cover
Nobody Knows but You, book cover
The Twin, book cover
They Wish They Were Us, book cover

Witchy Recommendations

The Graces, book cover
These Witches Don't Burn, book cover
The Babysitters Coven, book cover
The Wicked Deep, book cover
Spellcaster, book cover
Born Wicked, book cover
Spellbook of the Lost and Found, book cover