YA Authors I’m Grateful For

This year reading has ultimately become my "happy place." I have always loved reading but this year in particular reading has become the perfect escapism from my everyday life. I love being transported to new and beautiful places, and discover what it would be like to live in other time periods.

Because I am so grateful for reading this holiday season I wanted to compile a list of Young Adult Authors that I am truly grateful for. All of these authors have helped to stem my love of reading but also of writing.

As always leave comment down below letting me know what authors you are grateful for this holiday season.

Anna Godbersen

The Luxe, book cover
Bright Young Things, book cover
Beautiful Wild, book cover
When We Caught Fire, book cover
The Blonde, book cover

I absolutely adore Anna Godbersen. In my opinion she can do no wrong! No one writes a time period piece quite like Anna Godbersen.

It doesn't matter what time period she picks, from the 1920's to the 1800's, Anna writes in such vivid detail without distracting from her character driven plots.

I feel like all of her books are just so "visually" appealing the way she talks about the character's dresses, or automobiles from the time period, NOT TO MENTION THE DRAMA!

I would love to see any of Anna Godbersen's books adapted into movies. Between the settings, the costumes, the beautiful main characters, and the scandals she writes about there is nothing left to be desired. 5 Star reads every time. She never lets me down.

Ellen Hopkins

Crank, book cover
Tilt, book cover
Impulse, book cover
Tricks, book cover
Identical, book cover
People Kill People, book cover
The You I've Never Known, book cover

Ellen Hopkins is always thought provoking. She battles topics that rarely get written about and when they do they rarely get written about well.

Ellen Hopkins is such a talented writer to tackle topics like drug addiction, eating disorders, depression, and teen pregnancy. There is not a topic she shies away from and I love that she never sugar coats anything. She will dive into a topic and tackle it in a way that will leave you thinking for days if not years to come.

Every single one of her books is written in short poetry-like verses. So not only is she battling topics that are hard to divulge but she does it in such an artistic and straight to the point way. We should really study her writing in school. Its sheer perfection in my opinion, her stories are so raw and character feeling driven. Definitely one of my favorite more "serious" authors to read.

Jenny Han

The Summer I Turned Pretty, book cover
Burn For Burn, book cover
To All The Boys I've Loved Before, book cover
Shug, book cover

Jenny Han is one of the best authors when it comes to "coming of age" novels. She really knows how to capture those youthful experiences of nervous first kisses, first crushes and does it in such an enchanting way.

She really takes the most "awkward" years of adolescence and puts a glow to it, in my opinion. Jenny Han is the only person who could make me ever willingly relive my childhood awkward stages. Jenny Han really just looks at life through rose colored glasses and it really reflects in the way she romanticizes first loves and first heartbreaks. If I had to be the main character of any novel, it would have to be a Jenny Han novel. No one writes romance as purely as Jenny Han does.

Lucy Christopher

Stolen, book cover
The Killing Woods, book cover
Storm-wake, book cover
Flyaway, book cover

If you love the trope of an "unreliable narrator," then Lucy Christopher is the writer for you! No one and I mean no one has ever been able to fool me the way that Lucy Christopher has been able to do. Her books are absolutely mind boggling! Reading one of her novels is like a battle against psychological warfare and I don't think anyone would be immune.

If you want a book that will have you so psychologically sideways and will make you question your own intelligence down to its very core, then I recommend a Lucy Christopher novel. In particular, I recommend Stolen to anyone and everyone who will listen. It is by far one of my favorite books I have ever read and it just completely reignited my love for reading. If you want a book that will just keep you on the edge of your seat and just have you questioning everything then I recommend anything by Lucy Christopher. I really wish that she had more novels than she does. I would pay good money to read anything written by her.