Weddings Gone Awry: A Trope in Mystery and Thriller Fiction

A Nice Day for a Summer Wedding

June is the most popular month for weddings. The weather is beautiful, and the flowers are blooming. June weddings are a part of an older tradition that dates back to Ancient Rome. The belief was that, if you married in the month of June, the Goddess Juno would bless your marriage with love, loyalty, and fertility. There are so many beautiful wedding traditions from all around the world, all of which are done to bring joy, luck, and prosperity to the newly married couple.

But, in the realm of mystery and thriller genre fiction, a wedding can be devastated by secrets, jealousies, rivalries, and even murder. This has become a more popular trope in this genre of fiction, due to the multiple characters, their agendas, and the chaos that can occur before and during a wedding. 

Weddings Gone Awry Booklist: 

Here at San Jose Public Library, we have a wonderful selection of books that explore this literary trope, just perfect for reading at the beach on a Midsummer weekend.

The Guest List

The Unwedding

Her Dark Lies

Only Ever Her

The Guilt Trip

Every Vow You Break

One of the Girls

The Stranger at the Wedding

The Younger Wife

You're Invited

Many of these selections are also available in eBook, eAudio, and Book CD formats.