Volunteer Spotlight – Sue Lin

Introducing Sue Lin

Sue has been teaching Zumba at the West Valley Branch Library since October of 2019. Every week, Sue would lead participants through a vigorous and fun series of Zumba routines. Her Zumba class started as an in-person program at the branch but was suspended when the library closed due to the pandemic. Shortly afterward, Sue approached the library asking if she could continue hosting the program virtually. The program resumed in a virtual format in October of 2020. Since that time, the program has continued weekly and attracted a dedicated group of Zumba enthusiasts.

Sue has been an outstanding library volunteer. She has a warm and hospitable way of interacting with participants and is always encouraging and full of enthusiasm. She is sensitive to individual needs and makes sure everyone knows they can participate at their own pace. Her positive attitude and instruction style create a safe, welcoming environment for participants. Every week participants in her class express how much they appreciate the class and the opportunity to exercise and have fun. Sue has brought a valuable and greatly appreciated program to the West Valley Branch and its patrons.

A Chat with Sue

As a child... I loved to dance and share my passion for dance with others.

My first job... was at Hewlett-Packard (HP) Co. I worked as a software engineer for 20 years. HP was my dream company at the time when I graduated from college.

My fondest memory... is a vacation I had with my sister and my daughter in 2018. We enjoyed the food and beautiful beach in Hawaii.

I am most proud of... being resilient during the pandemic.

My biggest challenge... is to sit still doing nothing. I love exploring and learning new things.

My role model... is Mother Teresa because she is a kind, compassionate and a loving person.

My community... is diverse, safe and nice.

Libraries are... the best places to hang out. You can read books, magazines, join wonderful programs or meet others there.

My favorite book, movie, or song... is a song by John Lennon "Imagine".

If I had a superpower, it would be... to reduce global warming and make our planet a pleasant and safe place to live.

I volunteer… because I love to help others.

If I weren't volunteering, I'd be… making cakes, artisan chocolate, or soap, lotion to share with my friends, and family members.