Volunteer Spotlight: Reading to Children at Cambrian Library

Cambrian Library has a new Reading to Children program on Wednesdays!  Volunteers Madison and Dhruv, will lead this new program. This is in addition to Cambrian Library's two established programs on Mondays and Tuesdays.

What Do Reading to Children Volunteers Do?

Reading to Children is a longstanding volunteer program at San José Public Library! If you have been at Cambrian Library on Mondays and Tuesdays, you may have experienced the Reading to Children program in the Picture Book Area already!

Reading to Children volunteers have experience in reading to children.  Specially trained by the librarian in how to choose books and how to read picture books, our Monday and Tuesday volunteers have both had previous experience in reading to children.  What is special about this program is that kids can also choose a book for the volunteer to read!  Though not required, some volunteers will also sing songs and perform fingerplays!

In terms of the background required for this position, the only requirement is that you enjoy reading to children!  I have worked with the following kinds of volunteers at other Libraries:

  • Teens who babysit and enjoy reading to their charges
  • Retired teachers who want to continue working with kids
  • Parents who loved reading to their own children

Meet Our Volunteers

Let's learn more about our Monday and Tuesday volunteers!

Ms. Aysha currently helps out with the Family Storytime at Pearl Avenue Library at 11:00 AM on Wednesdays.  She loves volunteering during the storytime and has been known to dress up in costume, to match the stories that are being presented.  She has been volunteering at Cambrian Library for a few months now and has developed a regular following!  Catch her program Mondays at 3:00 PM.

Ms. Lee is a pre-pandemic Reading to Children volunteer, who happily resumed her Reading to Children duties at the end of 2022.  If you remember Ms. Lee from 2020, she is back!  Ms. Lee is a retired teacher who has been known to not only read to children their favorite books or her favorite books, but to also sing songs and perform fingerplays.  Ms. Lee also has a regular following, so please check her out on Tuesdays at 3:00 PM!

Let's meet our new volunteers next.

A Morning Edition of Reading to Children!

Ms. Madison has a lot of experience working with preschoolers.  She reads to them at one of her jobs, which created an interest in owning her own bookstore some day.  She enjoys singing musical books, in addition to reading straight text.

Because she enjoys reading to children so much, she wanted to volunteer at Cambrian Library, sharing her love of reading with others!  Mr. Dhruv will help Ms. Madison out, with reading, when he can.

This is Cambrian Library's first morning edition of Reading to Children.  Ms. Aysha and Ms. Lee serve an afterschool audience of children.  Ms. Madison and Mr. Dhruv will be serving primarily preschoolers and toddlers, ages 0-5.  If you are interested in having your child read to in a group setting, this will slightly resemble a storytime in terms of storytelling.  However, there may or may not be songs or fingerplays.

Cambrian Branch Library - Reading to Children Schedule

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