Volunteer Spotlight – Nhu-Y Tran

Introducing Nhu-Y Tran

Nhu-Y volunteers with our Virtual: ESL Grammar Club. Nhu-Y’s responsibility is to teach English learners the basic and proper grammar skills for them to start writing and speaking in English. She started volunteering at Tully Community Branch Library shadowing our ongoing grammar class. If it weren’t for Nhu-Y, Tully would have had to cancel our grammar class due to staffing issues. Nhu-Y stepped in as the new grammar teacher and the students loved how helping and understanding she was and still is. During shelter in place she reached out to let me know that she is ready to start volunteering again virtually. She is always looking for feedback and takes suggestions very well. Without all her previous hard work at the branch and now virtually, we would not have been able to continue our grammar class/club.

Submitted by Librarian, Diep Nguyen from the Tully Community Branch Library

A Chat with Nhu-Y

As a child... I was very curious and liked to explore things.

My first job... was a behavioral interventionist, who taught children with autism.

My fondest memory... is spending time with my family, reading books, and listening to fairy tales.

I am most proud of... where I am right now.

My biggest challenge... is to not give up on what I’m doing.

My role models... are my parents. My mom didn’t know any English at all, but she kept studying until she passed her citizenship interview on her first try. My dad teaches me many useful things.

My community... is diverse, and I love this multicultural society.

Libraries are... welcoming and encouraging places that people can get lost in amazing adventures but also can find ways for their futures.

My favorite book, movie, or song... The Call of the Wild by Jack London and Finding Dory movie.

If I had a superpower, it would be... stopping the Covid-19 pandemic, so everyone can come back to their normal lives without any fears; and libraries can serve their patrons like before.

I volunteer... to facilitate the Grammar Club at Tully Community Branch Library.

If I weren't volunteering, I'd be... working/studying/exercising (or probably sleeping since we can’t go on vacation because of the pandemic 😉