Volunteer Spotlight – Ethan

Cambrian Library's Volunteer Spotlight is on Ethan.

Ethan is an inspiring volunteer, dedicating at least two hours each week to the Cambrian Library, where he has made many friends.

Enthusiastic and engaging, Ethan brings a ray of light to the Library whenever he works.  He contributes many ideas about how he can help at the Library with different projects or programs.

Ethan's primary supervisor, Thu-Thao Tran, has provided the following summation of the valuable work that Ethan provides!

Ethan's Volunteer Work

Ethan has worked as both a Library Services and Programming Assistant Volunteer as follows:

  • Library Services: As a Library Services volunteer, Ethan is diligent and hard working in his duties as a general cleaner.  He is responsible for cleaning computers, wiping down tables and copier machine surfaces.  He erased marks in the Educational Resource Center's materials.
  • Programming Assistant: As a Programming Assistant volunteer, he was instrumental in preparing Cambrian's Wee Play Station for use again in October 2022.  Cambrian Library was one of the first libraries with a Wee Play Station and the Station had not been cleaned in quite some time.  Ethan assists with cleaning the Wee Play Toys each week, as per guidance from the Early Education Department.  In addition, he cleans our used storytime music and movement instruments each week after storytime.  Without his weekly assistance, staff would need to clean the materials.  In addition, he helps to get our weekly craft supplies ready, as needed.

Ethan's Impact at Cambrian Library

Ethan activities merit special recognition for how he assisted Library staff in the summer of 2022:  Ethan could be relied on to assist with volunteer shelving, cleaning, etc....  He is always looking for new projects and he has a can-do attitude that is easily infectious for all staff.

Staff often comments on how much help he is to the branch and enjoys his time at the library.

Ethan's most positive contribution to the Library are the cleaner toys that are sanitized as required.  He is reliable and dependable and his absences are sorely missed!

A Chat With Ethan

As a child my family rented a big car to fit all of us and did a long road trip and visited lots of National Parks.

My first job is ???  I'm too young to have a first job, but hopefully it'll be here at the library next year.

My fondest memory is when my mom gave me a stuffed Lugia plush.

I am most proud of my academic achievements. Definitely my academic achievements. And my other achievements like library volunteering and winning 3rd place in karate.

My biggest challenge is behaving because autism and stuff.

My role model is my mom because she's everything I want to be, except being a dentist. I want to be an entrepreneur and become Ethan Musk.

My community is always changing. There aren't many middle-schoolers in my community, but we have great neighbors. It also has a Little Free Library.

Libraries are places where you can find books, help out, and have fun doing it!

My favorite book, movie, or song are ???  I've read too many books and all the books I've voluntarily read are my favorites, but my favorite movie is Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. My favorite song changes every day.

If I had a superpower, it would be... to steal other superpowers.

I volunteer… because it's fun and it's a good thing to do!

If I weren't volunteering, I'd be… out and about playing Pokemon and catching rainy day Pokemon or video games or lunch.

Ethan Fun fact! The cold weather makes me stronger and hot weather makes me weaker. My mood is also better when it's cold out.

Thank you, Ethan, for your hard work!