Volunteer Spotlight – Dheerj Jasuja

Introducing Dheerj Jasuja

We would like to spotlight, Dheerj Jasuja, our Teens Reach President, who has faithfully volunteered at the library as a Math Tutor, Vice President last year of Teens Reach, and now President. He has shown leadership through the COVID-19 library closure, Black Lives Matter protests, and online school opening. He has led the virtual Teens Reach meetings during this time and helped make decisions regarding programming with teens. His input has helped us create our agenda for programs and he gives great feedback on what is of interest to teens.

During Dheerj's time volunteering with the Almaden Branch, he has shown great leadership, interpersonal and critical thinking skills. Dheerj has offered great insight into what the teens of today are interested in and given us an enlightening look into the future of our youth. We are thankful to have Dheerj volunteer with the Almaden Branch and look forward to learning more about his future accomplishments.

Submitted by Librarians, Jo-Ann Wang and Brandy Maldonado from the Almaden Branch Library

A Chat with Dheerj

As a child... I was curious about nature and how it impacted my friends and family.

My first job... hasn't started yet, but I first volunteered for the Almaden Teens Reach group as a math tutor.

My fondest memory... is of my family enjoying a beach in Hawai'i.

I am most proud of... the efforts the executive board and I have made to transition Teens Reach to an online setting.

My biggest challenge... is being too hard on myself.

My role model... is Dave Eagleman because of his groundbreaking work in neuroscience.

My community... exemplifies inclusivity and civic engagement.

Libraries are... essential to the development of a sense of "community" as they are a place where anyone can visit and interact with others.

My favorite movie... is The Firm because of its twists and turns.

If I had a superpower, it would be... teleportation as I could see every part of the world in-person.

I volunteer... because I enjoy supporting my peers and watching them flourish.

If I weren't volunteering, I'd be... playing the guitar at home.