Talk Like A Pirate Day

September 19 is "International Talk Like a Pirate" Day. Who knew that a sports injury back in 1995 would spur an international holiday celebrating the Golden Age of Piracy?  So....Avast Ye Hearties and get yeself to the nearest (library) port for the best selection of pirate books and movies! (translation: we've got a great selection of pirate books and movies here at SJPL). And, if you really want to talk like a pirate, our Mango Languages database features "pirate" for language learning!

FYI: the Northern California Renaissance Faire hosts a Pirate Invasion weekend as a part of their theme weekends. This year it falls on Sept 24-25, 2022 at Casa de Fruta.

For Adults

Pirates!, book cover
Fast Ships, Black Sails, book cover
Pirates of Savannah, book cover
The Golden Age of Piracy, book cover
Black Flags, Blue Waters, book cover
A Pirate's Life for She, book cover
Empire of Blue Water, book cover

For Teens

Daughter of the Pirate King, book cover
All the Stars and Teeth, book cover
A Pirate's Life, book cover
Bloody Jack, book cover
The Unbinding of Mary Reade, book cover
Women Pirates, book cover
Tides of Mutiny, book cover

From the Juvenile Collection

Swashbuckling Scoundrels, book cover
Treasure Island, book cover
Legends of the Brethren Court. The Caribbean, book cover
How to Be a Pirate, book cover
Peter and the Starcatchers, book cover
Demons of the Ocean, book cover
Sea Queens, book cover

Special Mention

Uncle Pirate to the Rescue, book cover

Uncle Pirate to the Rescue by Douglas Rees

When Captain Desperate Evil Wicked Bob receives a plea from his former crew, he heads out to rescue them and is soon followed by his nephew Wilson, Commodore Purvis, Captain Jack, and others who fear that he needs to be rescued, as well.

A Special Mention of the Uncle Pirate series written by Douglas Rees, who was a librarian for the San Jose Public Library system and San Jose resident for many years.


Black Sails. The Complete First Season, book cover
Pirates of the Caribbean. Dead Man's Chest, book cover
Treasure Island, book cover
Real Pirates of the Caribbean, book cover
The Pirate Ships, book cover
Pirates!, book cover
Muppet Treasure Island, book cover

A blog about Pirates would not be complete without acknowledging the epic soundtracks to the Pirates of the Caribbean by the great composer Hans Zimmer! (This music was definitely playing while I was writing this blog)