Right to Library

Everyone has the Right to Take Full Advantage of Their Public Library

Freedom of information is part of any library’s DNA.

Everyone, no matter their race, age, gender, religion, sexuality, and immigration status – has the right to access knowledge, opportunities, information, literacy, and more (for FREE) from their public library and receive the expert guidance of librarians.

#RightToLibrary is a new campaign San José Public Library (SJPL) launched in 2017 to empower people to visit their library and explore new and innovative services, programs, and collections. Libraries are more than just books, they are places that teach and provide everyone the fundamental skills necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing digital world.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley and in a city where almost 40 percent of its population is foreign born, SJPL understands the need to create opportunities for its residents to thrive.

Last year, SJPL presented more than 18,000 programs ranging from coding, citizenship, job and career building, literacy, business, and storytimes, which attracted nearly 400,000 people into libraries.

Not only do the free events attract people, but the extensive collection of books available in more than 20 languages, current magazines and newspapers, CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, computers, printers, study rooms, free Wi-Fi, hundreds of online learning tools, eBooks and eMedia also continue draw people to visit.

Next time you pass by the library, we encourage you to stop by to walk through the building, browse through the collection and pay close attention to the upcoming programs.  Although you might not attend the program, you may know someone who could benefit, and even possibly have their life changed, by the experience.

Most importantly, next time you visit the library, if you’re not already - make sure to become a member, so that you can take full advantage of the exclusive online services only available to library card holders, such as downloading eBooks, eMedia, streaming movies, using online learning tools, connecting to a live tutor online, and much more.

There’s a reason why millions of people continue to visit libraries, and why libraries continue to exist. In San Jose, nearly 7,000,000 people visited the library last year. Libraries are as relevant as the need for knowledge and real information in today’s world. Libraries are about learning, community, and freedom. Join the revolution and exercise your #RightToLibrary.

Has the library transformed your life? Then, we want to hear from you!

Please share your story with us to inspire and demonstrate to others how powerful libraries can be.

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