Paw-Some Graphic Novels!


Paw-Some Pets

Pets! Where would we be without them? They can be our best fur-end. And when life is ruff or seems like a cat-astrophe, our furry friends just seem to make things better—I’m not kitten! The library is the place to connect with your pet, whether it’s checking out "the Great Cats-by”, or sharing some fine litter-ature by William Shakes-paw, maybe watching “Jurassic Bark”, or reading an exciting mystery about Sherlock Bones, you can't help but be feline fine when you bring a pet and a graphic novel together. Visit the public library, give your pet a round of a-paws, and hopefully without a lot of purr-suasion you’ll find the purr-fect graphic novel for the two of you to enjoy! And if you’re purr-plexed about what to read, I’m sure your local librarian can put their thinking cat on and locate a book you’ll find paws-itively hiss-terical or howl-arious! So, get to your local library right meow! I kitten you not…

And be sure to check out the Graphic Novel Making Contest--perhaps you'll have a chance to make your pet a star!

Graphic Novels about Pets

Here are some great graphic novels about pets to chews from!



The White Cat and the Monk

Chi's Sweet Home



Mouse Guard