National Dinosaur Day!

June 1st is National Dinosaur Day!

While searching the list of blogging requests, I happened upon some surprising information that made me squeak and clap my hands in joy. June 1st is National Dinosaur Day! And I plan on celebrating this day with books and movies featuring dinosaurs. I also plan on making dinosaur cookies and wearing my dinosaur dress to work that day....because DINOSAURS ARE AWESOME! 

My Love for Dinosaurs 

My first foray into dinosaur obsession occurred when I was a young girl, visiting with my cousins in Glenshaw, PA. They both taught me about dinosaurs, using colorful books and even sang a song about all the different dinosaurs. In my family, even our vacations were educational. But perhaps the best thing that occurred that summer, was when our entire family (including extended family) went to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in downtown Pittsburgh. Some of the exhibits allowed for walking into the areas and actually touching the casts made from fossils. And I got to pose for a photo next to my favorite dinosaur, the Triceratops! 

Book List:

Here at San Jose Public Library, we love our dinosaurs!




The Ultimate Dinopedia

1,000 Amazing Dinosaur Facts

Dinosaur Atlas

Everything Awesome About Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Beasts!

Movie List:

Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy

Jurassic World


Walking With Dinosaurs

Planet Dinosaur

Visiting Dinosaurs for Free! 

Would you like to visit some dinosaurs? The California Academy of Sciences has some amazing displays including a complete skeleton of a T Rex, Our Discover & Go ticket program can help get you inside this wonderful museum/interactive exhibit. I highly recommend a visit, especially if you love science and history.

Fun Facts:

  1. One of the largest T Rex skeletons, named "Sue", was the focus of a major lawsuit in the state of South Dakota.
  2. Dino, from"The Flintstones", is classified as a "Snorkasaurus".
  3. The closest living relatives to the T Rex are birds, such as chickens and ostriches. Remember this the next time you eat some chicken.
  4.  Is Godzilla a dinosaur? There is quite the debate online as to what kind of dinosaur Godzilla is. Several paleontologists have weighed in on the debate, many believing that Godzilla is a member of the Theropod family, others have opined that Godzilla is simply a something-a-saurus....which is science speak for "we don't really know".
  5. When I was 6 years old, our family doctor diagnosed me with Bronchitis. I informed him that it was impossible because "a Bronchitis was a dinosaur that lived millions of years ago".
  6. The Triceratops is still my favorite dinosaur, #TeamTriceratops.
  7. Watch this fun video on how to make Five Dino Cookies!