Home & Garden Highlight: The Modern Witch

Written by Rebekah Gonzalez

“Witches listen to the secrets of the Earth, work in harmony with the powers of the moon and understand the longings of the human soul.” ― Dacha Avelin

Throughout history, women have been condemned for practicing "witchcraft," but what does it mean to be a witch?  The definition of a witch is someone who practices witchcraft, but contrary to how they have been commonly portrayed, their intentions don't have to be nefarious.  In modern times, the practice of witchcraft often has a strong emphasis on self-help, healing, divination, and empowerment.  Although I am not a practitioner of witchcraft, themes like mindfulness and setting positive intentions really resonate with me. I do believe that people can set the tone or vibe for themselves and others around them, and the recommended readings below have a strong focus on creating an environment that centers us and gives us peace. These books covers a lot of different topics including astrology, crystals, herbs, creating sanctuaries, cooking, gardening, and more. Even if you do not identify as a witch, there is much to enjoy as you learn to connect with your home and garden in a different way.

Recommended Reading

HausMagick: Transform Your Home with Witchcraft, book cover

HausMagick: Transform Your Home with Witchcraft by Erica Feldmann

Anyone looking to put together their ideal home—full of beauty, comfort, protection, and positive energy—will gravitate to HausMagick, a simple and striking modern handbook for using witchcraft to bring divine wellbeing into every dwelling.

Author and HausWitch founder Erica Feldman teaches you how to transform any space into a sacred sanctuary using the principles of the HausWitch brand, which brings together earth magic, meditation, herbalism, Jungian psychology, tarot, astrology, feminist spirituality, and interior decoration.

The Green Witch's Garden: Your Complete Guide to Creating and Cultivating a Magical Garden Space, book cover

The Green Witch's Garden: Your Complete Guide to Creating and Cultivating a Magical Garden Space by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

A green witch embraces the power of nature, draws energy from the earth and the universe, and relies on stones, plants, flowers, and herbs for healing. In The Green Witch’s Garden, you will learn how to create your own magical space to enhance your witchcraft practice.

With information on how to plan and design your sacred garden and tips and tricks to growing and harvesting magical ingredients, this book will allow you to take control of your practice and more deeply connect with the earth. Let experienced witch and author of The Green Witch Arin Hiscock-Murphy guide you on your path to creating your personal piece of nature.

Garden Witch's Herbal: Green Magick, Herbalism & Spirituality, book cover

Garden Witch's Herbal: Green Magick, Herbalism & Spirituality by Ellen Dugan

Every Witch needs a little corner of the world to tend. Deepen your connection to the earth and watch your magickal skills blossom. Ellen Dugan presents a variety of ways to honor and work with the plant kingdom in this charming hands-on guide to green magick and spirituality. Designed to enhance any tradition or style of the Craft, this handy herbal reference provides the physical description, folklore, magickal qualities, and spellwork correspondences for a wealth of flowers, trees, and herbs, and features forty-seven botanical drawings.

The Witch's Feast: A Kitchen Grimoire, book cover

The Witch's Feast: A Kitchen Grimoire by Melissa Madara

Both food and magic are creative acts that require practice, intuition and a little bit of experimentation. They are also seductive arts, with an air of secrecy, served as an act of devotion to our environment. The Witch's Feast invites you to the ritual table, to engage with the craft through cooking, eating, and sharing delicious feasts with others.

The Witch-Crafting Handbook: Magical projects and recipes for you and your home, book cover

The Witch-Crafting Handbook: Magical projects and recipes for you and your home by Helena Garcia

Over 70 projects for stylish witches to make at home.

Wicked Baker, Helena Garcia, is back with a new book to help you witch-craft your way to a more magical life, with creative projects for you and your home.

Inspired by ancient folklore and all things mystical, Helena offers remedies for your apothecary using foraged ingredients and age-old formulae; fashion accessories for your witch's wardrobe; enchanting homewares and decorations; devilishly delicious recipes both sweet and savory; and tipsy tonics.