Happiness Ideas from the Library Community


Happiness in Our Community

Happiness, often found in the simplest of things, can be as diverse as the books on our library shelves. Recently, we reached out to our library patrons, the heart of our community, to uncover the various sources of their happiness. The responses were as heartwarming and diverse as our beloved community itself.

One library patron shared a sentiment about the positive atmosphere of our library space:

"I like this Library more than any other. There is a homey friendly vibe and that comes from the Staff. Love the art here!" - Library Patron

Another echoed similar feelings:

"I like this library more than any other thing." - Library Patron

Such wonderful 'props' from our Library Community!

Happiness Comes from Others

Here are important people that the Library Community says bring them happiness:

  • "The people in my life and my dog"
  • "Spending time with family"

Happiness is a state that is so important, people will go to class to learn about it.  Yale's The Science of Well-Being, a 19-hour course on Coursera has been taken by 4.6 million people, so far. Coursera is provided to the San José Public Library through the California State Library.

"Happiness is a Warm Puppy" - Charles M. Schulz

Some of the Library Community obtain happiness through simple things like:

  • "Eating mashed potatoes"
  • "Gloomy mornings"
  • "Horse books"
  • "Crumbl Cookies and hearing the sounds of the ocean makes me happy!"
  • "Love"

Eating a cheeseburger is a very happy-inducing activity in this Library Community!  It was mentioned three times!

Happiness Comes From an Activity

Here are some activities that make some of the Library Community happy:

  • "Tickling my little sister"
  • "Reading my favorite books"
  • "Creating"
  • "Long car trip"
  • "Nature"
  • "A sunny day, seeing the birds and small animals in my backyard, and watching anime with my family"
  • "Drawing or reading"

One person mentioned loving baseball:

"I love baseball and it is in my name.  My name comes from two great baseball players:  Nolan Ryan and Jackie Robinson.  I will throw hitters!"

Happiness comes from all sources for all different kinds of people!

Share what makes you happy in the comments section below.

Books About Happiness
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