Early Literacy at Home: October 2018 Calendar

Whether you are on the go or spending time at home, these fun & simple activities are just one way to help develop your child’s pre-reading skills for October. Pick and choose or try them all!

October 2018

October 1: Play a game of "Peek - A - Boo"

October 2: Spell your name, clap for each letter

October 3: Practice making circles: on paper, in the air, on the ground...

October 4: Visit the library

October 5: Make the sounds of different animals you see throughout the day

October 6: Try a new food that starts with the letter "O"

October 7: Try to put together a puzzle

October 8: Count only the shirts when sorting laundry

October 9: Talk about sizes "Big & Small" at the grocery store

October 10: Practice walking forwards and backwards

October 11: Talk about the pictures in a favorite book

October 12: Sing to your favorite song on the radio

October 13: Look for objects that start with the letter "O" around home

October 14: Practice counting with a deck of cards

October 15: Sing "The Alphabet Song" when washing hands

October 16: Reread a favorite book for bedtime stories

October 17: What is the weather like today?

October 18: Visit the library

October 19: Practice drawing shapes: on paper, in the air, on sand

October 20: Act out different emotions in front of a mirror

October 21: Point out different street signs and what they mean

October 22: Play outside

October 23: Tell someone about your favorite food to eat

October 24: Hide a small object, then give your child clues on how to find it

October 25: Look for different shapes around the home

October 26: Talk about the highlights of the day during dinner

October 27: Read a book, then act out some of the scenes

October 28: Play with bubbles

October 29: Sing a favorite nursery rhyme

October 30: Visit the library

October 31: Name the days of the week